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Jun 17, 2011 04:24 PM

Restaurant record not being removed from right side of page

It was nice to see that the restaurant record is opened up to International Boards ... at least South and Central America.

However, on this report, I accidently mispelled the name and it picked up a restaurant called Las Canches in Escuintla. I was able to remove the incorrect record from the bottom of the page, but it remains to the right of the page with the new buttions.

Dont know if this is a happening everywhere or just International.

Just a note: Given the fact that the restaurant records are world-wide, I would hope there is some consideration being given to changing "wanna" to "want to". I cant imagine how the former will play in other English-speakin countries such as Austraila and Great Britian, let alone countries where English is a second language. Maybe it is cute and semi-hip for certain age groups in metropolitan US cities, but it might be confusing elsewhere. I spent a good chunk of time explaing to a Gautemalan teacher with a great command of the English language exactly what wanna meant. It didnt have anything to do with this website, but it was confusing to him none the less. He thought it was a contraction like "I'm" and was going to teach his students to use it.

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  1. EDIT: Apologies, my knowledge of the forums isn't quite up to par yet. On my end I'm still seeing the restaurant link in place in that post. nsxtasy's observation below should prove true once the caches all clear.

    1. I seem to recall that links in topics to restaurant records don't necessarily disappear instantaneously, that sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes or more before they no longer appear. Try refreshing/loading that page again and see if it's still there. (When I load that page, it looks like it has only the correct one.)

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        It was a lot longer than 15 minutes which is why I reported it. But thanks, it does seem to be a lag and is gone today.