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Antigua, GT: Las Canchas – Oysters Rockefeller, real pearls and an avant-garde menu

rworange Jun 17, 2011 03:49 PM

There’s a pretty bistro in the back of this jewelry store

It is a place where the creative menu features anything from a simple organic green salad to dishes with foams, food pearls and scents. A few of the dishes include:

- Salmon ciabatta with cream cheese dressing served with dill, black olives and honey

- Flamed sweetbread served with three different textures, avocado salad, risotto with grilled sweet corn and caramelized leek with citrus air.

- Sirloin steak with proscuitto, tapioca pearls and sage; served with mashed potatoes, Sylvester mushrooms, and dried plum sauce with red wine

- Duck breast with passion fruit sauce and red fruits flavored with centennial rum, served with sautéed vegetables, raisins and prunes, with whole grain rice and Swiss cheese Decorated with rosa de Jamaica pearls.

Sadly I only had a pina colada there, but I thought I’d report about the place for anyone who might be interested in giving it a try. It was high on my list to try for a meal, but time just ran out.

The light, frosty, foamy pina colada made from fresh fruit was refreshing and tasty. The center of the glass was wrapped in a paper napkin. It was a nice presentation. They also offer some 2 for 1 cocktails.

My own quirk in Guatemala is noting whether water is offered and how. I was asked when I sat down if I wanted water and it was served nicely chilled in a wine glass and refilled without having to ask.

The service was super nice. There is a semi-outdoor bar area with an trellis bordering an open ceiling. The restaurant is colorful and elegant Tables are set with plum-colored table cloths and gold napkins. The candle on the intricate wrought iron candle holder on the table was lit when I sat down.

The comfortable chairs carry the purple and gold theme with splashes of peacock blue. Change is returned in a large shell lined with mother of pearl.

I stopped by just to check the restaurant out when I was walking by in the late afternoon. I was the only person there, but Las Canchas seems to attract Guatemalans from Guatemala City who come to Antigua on weekends. The place was busy on a Saturday night.

I hope someone tries the food at Las Canchas (the blondes) and reports back. Both a Spanish and English menu are available.

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Las Canchas
Antigua, 5a Avenida Sur, No 1, Antigua, Sacatepequez , GT