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Jun 17, 2011 03:40 PM

5 R Chai Thai Bistro in Mesa

Any word on the new 5 R Chai on McKellips and Recker? I found a New Times "Throwdown" blurb on the Tempe 5 R Chai vs. Thai Elephant but it's not too detailed. Those 2 restaurants are neighbors and owned by sisters - 5 R Chai in Tempe is order at the counter style.

Thai Elephant
Phoenix AZ, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. OK, we finally ate here last night. Amazing Tom Yum soup- TONS of seafood in there- a bowl could easily be a meal. I had the green curry which was excellent. My mom, who's not much of a Thai food person, had the vegetable lover (or something to that effect) with no spice at all, and it was a bit bland, but what do you expect when you say no spice? :-) Girlfriend had the ginger chicken which was also really good. Can't wait to go back to try another one of their curries. Only downside was their liquor license is still pending- hopefully sometime in September. Overall, a great option for Thai if you're in the NE Mesa area, WAY better than Thai patio.