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Gluten Free/Vegetarian Hors D' Oeuvres Suggestions

Some friends and myself are getting together for Sunday night fancy mac n' cheese. Does anyone have ideas for hors d' oeuvres for that are both gluten free and vegetarian? Thanks!

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  1. This is a favorite of mine. Not sure about the miso -- I think barley miso is not gluten-free, but many others can be. It's a mushroom - lentil - walnut paté from Totally Dairy-Free Cooking by Louis Lanza. The recipe is currently here:


    It's pretty forgiving, so don't worry too much if you have to fudge it a little. I recommend using a mortar and pestle (and a little coarse salt) to grind the bay leaf; you can cook the lentils (I recommend Du Puy) with a bay leaf also. I often serve it with something wheat-based, but it's great with rice crackers; I'm sure you can find gluten-free ones.

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      it's also great served on cucumber slices, which might be preferable since the main course is so starchy.

    2. I know you've already got some cheese in the pasta, but this is yummy and unusual! (From my fave cookbook- I just found a copy of the recipe online.)


      I suggest using basil in place of the mint.

      1. I have these on my menu for our July 4th party...tomato pesto bites. I've never made them but thought they looked good.


        1. - gazpacho shooters
          - artichoke tapenade
          - sun-dried tomato & olive tapenade
          - caponata
          - bean dip (fava, black bean, white bean, hummus...)
          - tomatoes, peppadews, mushrooms and/or baby zucchini stuffed with herbed ricotta or chevre
          - polenta "fries" with dipping sauce
          - spiced, roasted chickpeas
          - spiced nuts

          any of the dips or spreads can be served on cucumber rounds or GF crackers, or with crudites for dipping.

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            You and I clearly have similar eating habits. I was just going to suggest about half that list.

            I'd add:

            -edamame still in the pod (assuming you don't do chickpeas)
            -veggie frittata cut into squares
            -veggie skewers

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              well then i consider myself to be in good company :)

              ooh, edamame reminds me...grilled/charred fava beans!

          2. Gluten free appetizers before mac 'n cheese? What am I missing here?

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              assume they're using GF noodles...and GF flour in the bechamel.

            2. I've been waiting patiently for pea season to try this spin on fresh peas - http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/06/cru... I'd put it on something other than pita, obviously. Roasted cauliflower chips? Farinata? Idli? Lovely little red lettuce leaves?

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                Speaking of peas, I love this pea dip with parmesan. With crudite, rice crackers, etc.


              2. since the dinner will be heavy, starchy and cheesey, i'd skip anything like that for an app.

                what about chilled steamed asparagus wrapped in cantaloupe slices?

                veggie sausage is actually kinda palatable, so you could stuff mushrooms with that, some parsley and chopped nuts (use an egg to bind, with some lemon zest.)

                cherry tomatoes stuffed with herb salad?

                endive leaves, or lettuce cups, filled with apple, walnut, fennel, grape salad? or tomato, corn and basil?

                a plate of marinated veggies, like eggplant, peppers and artichoke hearts?

                roasted pepper dip, side by side with gingered carrot dip, with celery and cukes to dip?

                i almost always have spiced nuts and olives out too.

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                  Just make sure it's not a wheat gluten based sausage -- the main ingredient in Field Roast products is vital wheat gluten.

                2. personally, i'd go with some light, and slightly acidic to contrast with the creamy richness of the main. like...
                  -balsamic grilled veggies - eggplant rounds, mushroom caps, broccoli, sliced artichokes, cherry tomatoes, etc. maybe seasoned with a little garlic and bail or oregano
                  -can't go wrong with an assortment of olives
                  -as suggested above, stuffed endive leaves
                  -melon wrapped with prosciutto and basil
                  -skewers of cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella balls (i know i said to cut the rich :) ) with some olive oil and balsamic
                  -miso marinated and sauteed wild mushrooms on rice crackers or just sauteed and with a little walnut pesto on the crackers
                  -or even seasoned kale chips

                  ...sounds like a yummy night!

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                    Uh, prosciutto isn't vegetarian. But kale chips are a great idea!

                    1. re: piccola

                      lol no it is not! i've been very tired lately... please excuse the mis-advice. i got about half-way in and forgot the veggie part apparently. could still do melon with basil and olive oil :)

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                        it was contagious yesterday...at one point i got so focused on the veg part that i forgot about the gluten and suggested Field Roast sausages :)

                        i like the melon & basil - i'd also add freshly ground pepper and a few drops of white balsamic vinegar.

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                          Melon with basil sounds delicious -- in fact, I might make some tonight!

                    2. As your main is rich and soft, I'd go for light and crunchy - good old fashioned crudites and a veg basd dip or two.

                      1. Endive spears with a good spoonful of wild rice salad (w/ nuts and currants and soy mayo, if you like, are delicious....
                        Cubed marinated tofu kabobs, side of sunomono
                        mini-caprese: cherry tomatoes stuffed with soy mozzarella, basil, drizzle of oil..
                        Lentil pate, flaxseed crackers
                        Crudite with dipping oils, baked garlic, etc.

                        1. Thanks to all! I ended up making falafels with three types of dip. A heavy dish, but I made them into small, bite-size balls. I found a few things that might be helpful to others:

                          1. Temperature: Many recipes called for frying at 375. I tried this and the results were very good, but what I noticed when frying at 350 was that the inside was more uniformly cooked and fluffier.

                          2. Greens: One cup of greens to 1 bag of chickpeas seems to be a solid ratio. I found many recipes calling for 3T of herbs, which seemed a bit slim to me. I used 1 bag of dried chickpeas to 1 cup of parsley mixed with a handful of basil. The next time I make them I will experiment with dill, arugula, cilantro, or tarragon.

                          3. Cook vs. Fry: I baked a few to test a healthier option but found that while they're acceptable, I was missing the crunch I look forward to in a falafel. Also, frying gave them the vibrant green color I was hoping for, as opposed to cooking that left them the same beige as they went in.

                          Thanks again!

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                          1. re: foodworthy

                            re #3 doesn't solve the vibrant green issue, but if you decide to try cooking them in the oven again, you can always put the in the toaster to crisp the exteriors. you know, if you don't want to fry.

                            1. re: foodworthy

                              If you add cilantro to your hummus, you DEFINITELY have to try this recipe:

                              It's SO GOOD!

                              (Edit: Just re-read and see that was about the falafel, not the hummous, BUT STILL...)