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Jun 17, 2011 03:33 PM

Is it safe? -vacuum sealed pasta salad left on counter overnight

I am really bummed, I made a very large amount of Hawaiian pasta salad last night. I put it all in a foodsaver container and vacuum sealed it. I came back to the fridge 12 hours later and found that I had left the sealed container on the counter like an idiot. I know that mayo based stuff is notorious for needing to be refrigerated, but is it possible that being vacuum sealed and never really getting warm , it might be okay? I am willing to try a small amount and see if my stomach gives me any issues, but I don't want to do something incredibly stupid if this could somehow now be deadly or something. :)

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  1. As Toucan Sam put it, "Follow your nose! It always knows!"

    1. If you used store-bought mayo, highly unlikely that you'll give yourself something worse than a sour tummy. But seeing as it's the middle of June, unless you live in an unusually cool place, my guess is it's going sour by now. :(

      1. I wouldn't take a chance on it due to the mayo. However, it sound delicious!

        1. I did this last week, and you know what, it was FINE!