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Jun 17, 2011 01:08 PM

Best Burger in Providence??

Looking for the best burger at a full service restaurant in Providence. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just make sure you drive dont walk in Prov. not a safe place to walk around Luxe was always good until they had some serious food problems.

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Don't walk in Providence!?!? Not safe? What's up with that? I've walked Providence at all hours of the day and night and have felt very safe. Like every city everywhere, you just need to know where to go and not go at certain times.

      I follow your posts and think you do a good job, but that's a grossly unfair, blanket statement.

      1. re: Frank Terranova

        I think the only thing that makes Providence even arguably unsafe to walk around is all the people who take your advice and drive.

        I've had nothing but good experiences at Luxe in the last year. How long will you tar them with a problem that took place a year ago or more?

        1. re: Gin n Tonic

          I have a right to an opinion. It was more than a problem a year ago. So I will let it rest. :)

        2. re: Frank Terranova

          What are you talking about? Pretty much any neighborhood with places you would want to go to is as safe as anywhere to walk at night. You're probably more likely to crash your car driving than have any issues walking. And what did that have to do with the original question anyway?

        3. Never once had a single problem walking around downtown. My fiancee spent 3 years going to night school at URI, getting out of class at 10pm and walking between school and the convention center and never once had an issue.

          Are there unsavory characters? sure - it is a city. Are there unsafe areas? of course, what city is free of them? But if you stay downtown, in the convention center/mall area, south main st, ppac area you shouldnt have any issues.

          1. Luxe is a good suggestion, it can be very good. It used to be a little better, but it's still a quality burger, with excellent selection of free toppings.

            Harry's Burger Bar has really good sliders, inexpensive, upscale bar atmosphere.

            Red Stripe makes an excellent burger, and I really love the fries there.

            I haven't tried the burger at the Friendship Cafe yet (only open at lunch), but I really liked my chicken sandwich, and the fresh-cut fries were fantastic. Also, very reasonably priced.

            Red Stripe
            465 Angell St, Providence, RI 02906

            1. two great reviews this spring of the best burgers in RI, including several excellent PVD spots at!
              enjoy! and for my money, go ahead a walk.. ;)

              1. Providence is fine to walk around in - just remember it's a city and use common sense.

                Arguably the best burger in PVD is to be found at La Laiterie. That said, Luxe burger is good but the quality has gone downhill recently. Red Stripe is also a great choice

                La Laiterie
                184-188 Wayland Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

                Red Stripe
                465 Angell St, Providence, RI 02906

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                1. re: BookWrmGal

                  All great burgers, A new addition to Prov this summer will be uglyAmerican check out

                  1. re: icouldeattoo

                    Is that the former George's spot? Given the nearby Pizza, ice cream, and BBQ establishments, that's probably a good location for a burger place.

                    1. re: icouldeattoo

                      ooh! i've heard great things about that place here on ch, in fall river, right? sounds like a fun addition...