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Jun 17, 2011 01:05 PM

Strawberry season in Coastal Maine

I am planning a trip to Coastal Maine in the next week or two and would like to go when strawberries are in season. Can any of the Maine locals tell me if strawberry season has started yet in your area? If not, when do you expect it to start and end? Is the 4th of July weekend too late?

I was also interested in checking out the fresh strawberry soft serve ice cream and shakes at Red's Dairy Freeze in South Portland:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Red's Dairy Freeze
167 Cottage Rd, South Portland, ME 04106

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  1. No strawberries yet in the Portland area. Cape Elizabeth strawberry festival is June 25:

    You can keep an eye on the website for Maxwell's Farm ( to see whether their fields are open for picking.

    1. Just north of Bangor is Corinth, Maine, the home of Tate's strawberry farm. they own a lot of road side stands and on their far, they have pick your own. If the weather stays warm and sunny (doubtful theis summer) you should right on time.

      1. Pick your own season should start late next week (approx Fri 6/25). Length of season will vary by Farm.

        I recommend Fairwinds Farm, Rt 24, Bowdoinham.

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        1. re: HDinCentralME

          While walking my dog this morning, I could smell strawberries from Fairwinds in the breeze. Gotta be ready soon.

          1. re: the_MU

            Fairwinds Farm is now scheduled to open Monday (6/27).

            Popp's Berryland, Dresden, is slated to open Friday (6/24).

            Stevenson's in Wayne is open today (Wed 6/22).

        2. Thanks to everyone for the helpful replies. I really appreciate the insight.

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          1. re: italianices

            We're in the second week of strawberry season in the Mid-coast. Last week they were still tart, this week, they're divinely sweet (or at least the ones I got at Beth's Farm Market, in Warren, were).

          2. Ditto on the Beth's strawberries...bought some last week...sweet/tart!