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Jun 17, 2011 12:52 PM

Minneapolis Meals, etc.???

Hi all,

I'll be in the Bloomington next month for a week-long conference. When I'm not being wined and dined on my company's dime, I'd like to venture out to the Minneapolis (at least or twice) and sample the food (on my own dime). Sorry for such a general post, but if you can make any recommendations, I'd appreciate it.

In particular, I'm looking for something uniquely Minneapolis (but Juicy Lucy's don't really interest me). Any good gastropubs? Scandinavian food? Must-eat restaurants? And how's the Global Market?

Keep in mind, I won't have a car (so anything along the Hiawatha Line would be preferred) and not looking for anything really expensive - I'll be with co-workers, not my wife :)

Thank you!!!

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  1. There are a lot of Germans in MN too. Check out Glockenspiel in St. Paul. Also, lots of Finnish people so check out Finnish Bistro. They have great desserts.

    1. The Hiawatha light rail line doesn't really bring you within much of what you are looking for until you nearly reach the end of it (one stop shy of Target Field).

      But go ahead and ride it into Minneapolis so you can walk 2-3 blocks and eat at 112 Eatery. Chef Isaac Becker recently won the James Beard award for Best Chef Midwest.

      112 Eatery
      112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

      1. If you don't mind walking a few blocks I'd recommend Buster's on 28th. Get off at 46th St. , walk west until you hit the lake at 28th Ave., then north to 42nd St. Best burger in the cities. Best wings in the cities. Best onion rings in the cities. And plenty of other options, too. Fantastic Cuban sandwich. Fantastic steak sandwich. And potato chips cooked to order with French onion dip.

        I'm a big fan, if you couldn't tell.

        Buster's on 28th
        4204 28th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

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          Not sure how much distance you prefer to cover on foot. It's about a mile, maybe a little longer, from the 46th Street light rail stop to Buster's.

          A shorter walk, though, from the same stop to Minnehaha Falls Park, will bring you to Sea Salt - a fun place to enjoy seafood tacos and other dishes outdoors and then take in the falls when finished.

        2. Off the Lake Street stop, you have T's Ethiopian-fusion. It's affordable for your co-workers, and pretty unique. The curry chicken, in particular, is very good.

          1. Exit the light rail at Lake Street and head west about 5 blocks (past the YWCA) to La Alborada Market for some excellent Mexican food in their tiny but charming cafe. I had an excellent tlacoyo de chales there recently, washed down with a wonderfully fresh agua de papaya. Here is a great writeup about the cafe on the Heavy Table site.


            La Alborada Market
            1855 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407