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Good place to eat in Pasadena?

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I'm taking a good friend of mine out tonight to celebrate her new job, but I'm not really familiar with Pasadena. Can anyone suggest a fun place with good food/drinks that's good for a celebratory evening? Nothing TOO expensive either.

Thank you!!!

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  1. Not much to go on as far as what you're looking for......but we always enjoy Green Street, Il Fornaio or Smittys Grill.


    Green Street Restaurant
    146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

    1. La Grande Orange is a fun space for food / drinks at about $40/pp. What price point were you trying to stay around?

      La Grande Orange Cafe
      260 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

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        Thanks to both of you for responding! $40/pp sounds about right.

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          If you like good pizza, The Luggage Room, next to Grand Orange is kinda cool. Sort of a bar but with good food.

      2. We recently had a very good dinner at AKA Bistro in Old Town (see link below for menu).

        The bill for two (2 drinks apiece, a shared charcuterie platter, two mains, one dessert) was $120 before tip.