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Jun 17, 2011 12:39 PM

Prospect Review

Two weeks ago I went with my dining partner Prospect. We were eager to visit this new space and while we tend to be reserved about new experiences, I would say we were pretty excited about the prospect of a great meal at Prospect.

Bad pun out of the way, here are the highs and lows. Walking in to the space you get the feel you walked into a really large -- but quite immaculate -- hotel setting. I was surprised at just how many tables there were and the sheer number of people. This type of decor may work for some but we found it without personality and too sterile (don't take this for me saying I don't like clean... I LOVE clean).

The cocktail list is really good but it did take some 30-40 minutes before the ordered was placed and the cocktails arrived. As a matter of fact, the cocktails were ordered at the same time as the appetizers and we received both at the same time. Our server was very nice but I believe she was not attentive and this is just the first of similar issues with wait times.

Appetizers were just okay. The salad over dressed and the soft shell crab -- a favorite of mine -- was just so oily I could not enjoy the taste of hte crab meat.

We both ordered the $40 veal chop. This came with some vegetable and mashed potatoes with a mushroom sauce. While waiting for the food we wondered out loud how the mushrooms would be prepared and discussed our love for veal chops and how we didn't want it marred by the sauce. Ah, you put it out there and that's what you get. The chops were perfectly cooked but the sauce on top was just forgettable as were the sliced plain on mushrooms... they added nothing to the party.

Unfortunately, we both had warm mashed potatoes bordering on cold. The server who checked in on us much later did offer to bring out hot potatoes and they were better but again with the slow service.

All in all, we had two cocktails, a bottle of wine, two appetizers and two entree's. While I do not have the final bill it was just over $200.

I give the restaurant 2 stars because it was still nice, the food only okay and the service was poor.

300 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. We went to Prospect for the first time a few weeks ago. I meant to post a review but I’ve been too busy. We had a very positive experience. Not the warmest space I agree but our waitress was very nice and attentive. For appetizers we got pig trotters and scallops. Both were excellent. For the main course we both got goat cooked three ways. You don’t often see goat on a menu. I love goat. It’s so underappreciated. It’s far more interesting and tasty to me than beef. The goat was just delicious. It was served as a chop, goat belly and I shoulder. The goat belly was amazing. Restaurant experiences can vary from day to day but the night we ate at Prospect I would say the food and service were excellent although I agree that the décor has a very dated hotel lobby feel.

    1. It sounds dreadful, especially for that much money. 2 stars seems generous.

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        Windy, I gave 1 star for cleanliness and another for decent food. Three stars would have meant the possibility of going back. The food was not horrible but not so bad as to say I didn't hate it. At any rate I won't be recommending this restaurant to anyone.

      2. I had a slightly better experience than you did, but was still far from impressed.

        Dinner started out well - good cocktails, and my softshell crab appetizer was excellent, as was my bf's app (I can't remember what it was though - I think it had corned beef tongue?) My brother and his wife had ordered foie gras, which was fine, but not exciting. It was a fairly generous torchon and came with a few small pieces of toast - after we asked for some more, our server, who had up until this point been super-attentive (I think we were asked "how are things tasting" at least 3 times during the appetizer course) disappeared. About 10 minutes later we flagged a busboy to bring some bread, toasted or untoasted.

        I had the quail app as my main, and my bf ordered the goat. I think this is the first quail I've ever had that I've been disappointed in - it came as a small roulade, and a bit of confit, and could have been chicken for all I knew - the fussy prep stripped it of all its quail-ness. The goat was cooked well but needed something else on the plate to spark the palate.