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Jun 17, 2011 11:57 AM

Opinions on our Michelin stars during a 4 1/2 week trip through southern france?

(with special advance thanks to mangeur, delucacheesmonger, rrems, ptipois and the other giants of this board who have heavily influenced this list)

We're starting and ending in Lyons with 4 1/2 weeks. After hunting, haunting, etc. here is what I've come up with so far, trying to hit some of the best but leaving time for bistros, discoveries, the markets, etc. this might be a once in a life time trip so not every restaurant down below is a star, but more are...

6/23 Lyons - Daniel et Denise
6/24 Lyons - La Mere Brazier
6/25 Lyons - Le Gourmet de Seze
6/27 Vienne - La Pyramid
6/28 Avignon - D'Europe (leaning to changing this to Les 5 Sens or Hiely-Lucullus) thoughts?
6/29 Avignon - Christian-Etienne
6/31 Arles - L'Atelier de JL Raband
7/2 Nimes - Le Lelisita
7/4 Uzes - Le Tracteur
7/6 Montpellier - Le Jardin des Sens
7/8 Narbonne - La Table St. Crescent
7/9-7/18 winding our way from narbonne through carcassone, toulouse, albi, figeac. need ideas! help!
7/19 Laguiole - Bras
7/21 Clermont Ferrand! which one??

7/22 lunch at Trois Gros (my parents went 40 years ago so this is partly sentimental...please don't tell me it stinks)
7/23 back to NYC where we check into the cardiac unit at Mt. SInai.

I promise to make a long trip report and welcome hearing from those who have blazed this trail before me.

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  1. <7/22 lunch at Trois Gros> It's just one word. The name of the owners.... Troisgros. and no, it doesn't "stink," as you say..... (wish we had emoticons here!)

    and there's no "s" on Lyon. For some reason American maps insist on putting one there. It's pronounced leeOWN.

    Two meals in Avignon? I'd make sure one was at Hiely. It's always been wonderful in my experience.

    I'm just going to say that some of the best meals I've eaten in France have been in No-Stars bistros and cafes. I think you may be doing your psyche as well as your digestive system a disservice by planning so many BIG meals one on top the other. For me, at least, it makes the special meals less special.

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    1. re: ChefJune

      hey june - thanks for correcting the typos! wouldn't want anyone on chow to think i was a dumb american :-)
      and the "stink" comment was only me being irreverant.....
      we'll be in france for a total of 31 nights, so 1/3 of the meals being at starred restaurants seems like more of a luxurious indulgence than mania. since there are more starred restaurants in lyon/prvence the list is front weighted. having said that it's a "suggested" list, and would welcome suggestions about which ones, in your experience, are the most easily sacrificed.
      love benefiting from your experience! thanks!
      as well as suggestions about what to replace them with.

      1. re: knh

        Okay, more typos then.
        La Pyramide with a final e, L'Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel,

        Other suggestions : La Cantine de l'Entonnoir in Sète (if you can grab a table), Ô Bontemps in Magalas (book a few days ahead).

        In Clermont-Ferrand : Le Radio (actually in Chamalières), Les Quatre Saisons, Le Rallye.

        L'Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel
        Rue des Carmes, Arles, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 13200, FR

        1. re: Ptipois

          and to think i was an english major...(of course my high school french, unlike Trois Gros) really does stink.
          thanks for the suggestions re: Clermont-Ferrand: will definitely check them out. and also putting husband in charge of Sete and Magalas (he does maps, I do restaurants/hotels)

    2. This is a stunning restaurant in Uzes I'd urge you to consider
      No menu - everything cooked according to the whim of the chef. Had incredible confit of snails that were smoky and tender as well as delicious beef and several other courses. Stunning setting. But more expensive than Tracteur.

      I have a friend who eats at Troisgros several times each times she visits. In her opinion it's some of the best food she's ever tasted. It definitely doesn't 'stink'!

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      1. re: EatDrinkLyon

        if i could take back that "stink" comment....i swear, i swear, I was just being silly!!
        thanks so much for the idea re: lartemise.
        other people on the board have been crooning over the virtues of le tracteur...even when you are in one area for weeks it's not enough time to eat all the fabulous meals you want to eat!
        will most definitely check it out...frankly would rather have dinner in uze than lunch en route...we tend to run in the morning and eat only one meal a day (other wise we would weigh 2x as much as we do!)

        1. re: EatDrinkLyon

          EDL - Thanks! we have a reservation at L'Artemise and right now hoping to go to Tracteur on my birthday, 2 july. great reccomendation - apprciate it

        2. Try to add La Chassagnette, ideally at lunchtime on a sunny day! The food is excellent and the setting idyllic and I generally really like the vibe of the place.

          On a tasty/more affordable level, Le Tracteur was super last time I went. Can be slightly hard to find so worth leaving time to get there.

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          1. re: johannabanana

            jb - thanks so much! la chassagnette was definitely on my list....i just sent them a message via facebook requesting a reservation. your recommendation was the clincher!!

            le tracteur is tough! they have stopped serving lunch many great restaurants so little time. my husband and i are both celebrating our birthdays during this trip, so admit...we really are blowing the bank and going all out.

            1. re: knh

              Le Tracteur is some 15-20 minutes from downtown Uzes. An easy dinner option if you are staying in Uzes.

            2. re: johannabanana


              I live in Provence. Last June I had lunch at La Chassagenette with some friends from the Napa Valley. VERY disappointing. We had a first course of very starchy and large peas with ecrevisses (the ecrevisses were good) but the peas totally out of season. We asked the sommelier to choose a local wine for us. It was still fermenting in the bottle!! We asked about the wine, the sommelier insisted it was the way it should be. Finally resorted to telling him we were from the Napa valley and actually knew something about wine. He tasted it, and finally agreed. This was a very unpleasant situation. My friends didn't want to insist but I wouldn't let it go. 38 euros was too much to pay for a bottle of bad Camargue wine. A very food knowledgeable friend has had bad experiences as well.
              Good luck.
              I have spent quite a bit of time recently in the Camargue preparing for small group tours and even the best places are not great. Les Tellines is the most charming of places, located in an old mas, big fireplace in the small dining room. Limited menu.

            3. My top recommendation for Toulouse is Le 7 (7 Place St. Sernin). No stars, but I think it is deserving of one. We chose the chef's surprise menu with wine parings and it was superb. This was in early autumn, and one of the courses was grouse, which is not seen on very many menus, so we were particularly delighted with that. In Carcassonne, we had a wonderful lunch at Le Comte Roger.

              1. No chez Anne-Sophie Pic in Valence? Admittedly, one can't do everything ,but both the hotel and the restaurant are spectacular---no false notes whatsoever!

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                1. re: johnmarseille

                  I second Pic - a friend who is visiting me went there for lunch last Saturday (easy trip from Lyon by train - 35 mins) and said it was superb - although she still thinks Troisgros has the edge! (She's spending this entire weekend there!)

                  1. re: EatDrinkLyon

                    Yes, I haven't been but Pic would certainly be on my list also (see Food Snob's blog write-up).

                    1. re: johannabanana

                      I'm trying!! it doesn't fit into our trip when we soon arrive, but have sent a fax politely asking (aka begging) for a table for lunch on our last day. fingers crossed. good thing i'm bringing my lipitor drip.