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Jun 17, 2011 11:27 AM

Bochi's Empanadas Argentinas in Quakertown

If you're in the area, stop in for the spicy chicken and/or sweet corn. Both are wonderful. They're about $1.25 each and two is plenty, but you'll want more.

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  1. I had one of everything (OK, yes, we pigged out), and loved the BBQ pork the best. As first time customers, we got a couple of free ones too. Owner is very sweet.

    RIght next to the ice cream shop for dessert.

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      Check out the PA Boards. Love this place. The Tarta's are to die for.

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        Teddybare, I first saw it on the PA board, but since Q-town kinda straddles the line, I thought I'd share with the Philly folk.

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          They are good, aren't they? I liked the BBQ and Spicy Beef, best. Most likely because I don't like BBQ very much so it was a nice surprise.

    2. These empanadas are so yummy! The posted price for 8 (6 plus 2 free) for $7.60. I tried the beef, chicken, bbq pork, sweet corn, and ham & cheese. The bbq pork was my favorite. There is a good ratio of filling to crust.

      The address is 500 W Broad St, next to Pep's Ice Cream. It's a walk-up window with two picnic benches in front. The menu also has hot dogs, hamburgers, and soda.

      1. Has anyone been to the new place across from Tijuana Tacos? They have a sign that they have empanadas.

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          The family & I went there when I was looking for Bochi's but couldn't remember where it was. Empanadas are not their focus, and I think they had maybe one kind when we were there. It's El Salvadoran food. I wasn't terribly impressed, but that might have been because I was looking for Bochi's. We were the only people there about 5 on a Saturday afternoon, but another anglo couple came in just before we left.
          The food was pretty tasty, though a bit rustic. It's so cheap that I got a couple different things and came close to finishing all of it. One, I think, was a chicken tamale which was tasty, but was a little surprised that the chicken included a joint with a broken bone. Once I got past the idea, the taste was really pretty good.
          I would go back, especially to see if the fact it wasn't the place I was looking for affected what I thought of the food. If you go, let us know what you think.