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Jun 17, 2011 10:08 AM

Hot Lime Pickle/Relish

I love this stuff. It's an Indian condiment made with limes, oil, salt, hot chilies, and spices. As you can imagine, it's fruity, salty, sour, and usually hot. It is I just got Pataks from the store, but I first got hooked on some homemade stuff.

I've been putting it on pretty much any stew or curry-type dish, or anything with rice, and I usually add yogurt to balance it a bit.

I also just made a sandwich with just toast, cream cheese, and a spoonful of lime pickle (there's my sodium requirement for the day). It was delicious.

Does anybody else love this stuff? What else to do with it? Will it eventually kill my tastebuds?

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  1. I like to use different brands - usually garlic pickle or lime pickle tho. My Indian friends all say that it's best used on crackers with a cup of tea, but it's too strong for me. Definitely an acquired taste, though I hear from many that homemade is usually hundreds of times better. I normally use it to make quickee samosas. Potatoes, peas, pickle, and what's even worse, is I use storebought pie crust to use as dough, I roll it out a little to make it thinner. They actually come out pretty good.

    1. I tried to reply, but my text got luched in the process. I will formulate the test and try later. This was extremely helpful.

      1. Yes. Love it.

        Also like both the Patak's Chundo Pickle and Indian chutney as I keep jars of both in the fridge as well.

        I usually use as a side for any Indian leftovers from eating out, but also like them with warmed/toasted garlic naan I buy at Trader Joe's as well as the homemade samosas i make and the occasional chicken tikka masala boxty I throw together,

        If you make a batch of chicken tikka , it can be thrown in a warm tortilla in a pinch with pickled onions and cilantro and I use the lime pickle as the "salsa" to make an Indian style burrito or taco.

        1. This style of pickle can be addictive. Unfortunately in my case, I can no longer tolerate the absurd amount of salt used in commercial product. I'm starting to get the hang of making my own.

          Besides lime, pickles made with lemon or eggplant (brinjal) can be fabulous.

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            DiveFan, would you be willing to share your recipe? I, too, find the commercial stuff too salty. Thanks!

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              No problem - it's been hanging out here in the Chow database for a while:

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                Thanks, saved it, going to give it a try. Mustard oil is really something, isn't it? I bought a bottle years ago, and took it into a local pub on my way home, passed it around for friends to sniff, got some amazing reactions.

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                  Thanks! I assume I would just substitute lime for the eggplant - probably need to soften lime first, though, right? Other pickles I've made call for salting and baking the peel first, or boiling.

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                    The lime pickle recipes I've seen call for preserving the limes, cut into wedges or smaller pieces, in salt and lime juice or vinegar, and sometimes turmeric, similar to the process of making Moroccan persevered lemons. The limes are brined for a few weeks to allow the lime peel to soften, then the dry roasted spices are added and allowed to blend for another week.

                    You can make a quick lime pickle by sauteing limes until brown and soft, slicing them, adding onion and a paste of the spices, simmering briefly and canning. Improves with age.

                    Jeez, I should just make this myself, not very difficult, just takes some time to brine.

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                      Thanks, bushwickgirl! I now have a jar going next to the Moroccan preserved lemons - can't wait to make these!

              2. I love this stuff as well. Sometimes I eat it straight from the jar.