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Jun 17, 2011 10:04 AM

Gaspar's Turkey Linguica now @ Market Basket

Been hoping to see this product land at my local MB as they carry a lot of this local companies line. Better nutritionally than the regular pork version with no sacrifice in taste, just a bit more crumbly.

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  1. My doctor and arteries would applaud this, but my southeastern MA Portuguese roots are made sad by the idea of turkey linguica.

        1. re: mjg0725

          Thanks, mjg - I love linguica but don't have it often due to health issues. This could be a great occasional treat.

      1. Shaw's should also carry turkey liquica and chourico - at least the one on Lexington st. in Waltham does.

        I use it in turkey chili mostly. Not bad on a roll with some mustard too.

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        1. re: LStaff

          I've actually had email exchanges with one of the Gaspars about this. I bought it at Stop and Shop in Provincetown and was having problems finding it in the Boston Area so I emailed the address on their website. S&S in P-town also carries Gaspar's turkey Chorico.

          Most stop and shops do NOT carry it but P-town does because Gaspar's delivers there directly so they can get all the products. The other stop and shops get their Gaspar's products from the stop and shop warehouses ... Gaspar's doesn't deliver turkey products to the warehouses.

          He did tell me that both Shaw's and Market Basket are carrying it. I didn't find it the first time I checked at Market Basket in Chelsea but they do a huge volume there and are restocking constantly ... the 2nd time I looked I found Linguica but not Chorico.

          Personally, I like the turkey products in kale soup and shell fish dishes (sometimes I cook up little necks w/ chorico, garlic and other spices and serve over pasta). It's not as fatty as the pork.

          At Market Basket in Chelsea, they also sell "Mexican Choricos", but I've never tried that. It's on their website under the heading "other meat"


          1. re: SPBoston

            Pretty sure they have it at the somerville MB.

            1. re: deglazer

              Update - was there recently and they didn't have it. Sorry if I steered anyone wrong. The did have turkey kielbasa, not Gaspar's

        2. Hey, can anyone who's got it take a look and see what kind of casing they use? I am psyched at the idea of a linguica I could serve to my non-pork-eating peoples, but many companies have the irritating habit of using pork casings for their turkey and chicken sausages.

          I'm looking at you, Whole Foods!

          I guess lamb casings must be more expensive or harder to work with, but sometimes producers use some kind of vegetable casing with a weird texture.

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            1. re: mjg0725

              Grrr....shaking fist at Gaspars!
              Don't they realize that Muslims and Jews enjoy spicy, salty, smoky meats, too?

              1. re: dulce de leche

                Ehh this is something that goes back years. The Portuguese making the jewish sausage alheira with pork and the French pork in merguez. And its very common in chicken and beef sausage that people use pork fat, plus there is the "kosher-style natural casing" beef franks. Sheep casings are generally smaller and can be less durable, collagen casings potentially wouldn't be as desireable to consumers used to a Portuguese sausage. Unless you talk to the sausage maker themself or buy from a kosher or halal source you will never know for sure.

          1. I bought some at the new MB on Bridge St in Lowell last Thursday. Spot on with the crumbly comment. While fairly tasty, it's "good for you" ingredients are apparent. I think my 78 year mom is right, buy the real stuff and eat less.