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Jun 17, 2011 10:02 AM

great chefs event

Did anyone make it to the Great Chef's Event for Alex's Lemonade Stand down at the Navy Yard on Tuesday? It was a great spread of food with some pretty big chefs. My personal favorites were:

Jonathan Waxman personally cooking up gnocchi.
John Besh also personally cooking up jumbo shrimp and grits.
Jose Garces' ribs and black beans.
Hecho Sushi's tuna nagiri with soy gel drops and shaved truffle
Suzanne Goin's smores which she heated up with a blowtorch
and I can't remember the chef who did the bbq'd pig face

Anyone else?

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  1. I didn't make it, but there is another charity event this Monday with great chefs. The Taste of the Nation Philly. We've gone the last couple years and it's a really great time, you can try food from many of Philadelphia's best restaurants.

    Next year I definately want to go to the Great Chefs Event too. I love John Besh!

    1. Jeez, those are some big names, and I never even heard of the event. Damn.

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        The event is put on by the Vetri Foundation. Most of the proceeds go to Alex's lemonade stand, although there are usually other children's programs that get a portion too. It has really grown over the years. Sorry I missed it this year

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          Interesting. The building in which I work just had an "Alex's Lemonade Stand" stand offering free lemonade just the other day, but there was no mention of this event. I am not saying that I would have been able to make it, but it would have been nice to have known.

      2. I volunteered as a server for the event, 3rd year I've done this. Jonathon Sawyer from Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland did the delicious pig face. I also was a big fan on Aaron Sanchez's pork taco.

        There are a bunch of pictures flying around online from the event... it's definitely worth checking out.

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          Thanks for filling in the blank I had on the pig. I asked him about it and he was super enthusiastic about it and went on and on. It was great - like an in person segment from a cool food show. Every chef I talked with there was really nice and willing to talk food. Suzanne Goin was nice enough to share the amazing brand of chocolate she used on her smores - 70% Cordillera from Columbia.

          I forgot about Aaron Sanchez's tacos. Also, Rocco Whalen's Cleveland Nachos, the lobster rolls from the guys from Maine, and Jen Carroll's Buffalo sweatbreads. There was just a ton of great food. It was expensive but well worth it.