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Jun 17, 2011 09:49 AM

Must haves in kitchen remodel?

hello all! After lurking for a while, I finally took the plunge and signed up to CH. This is my first post and I apologize if it is a repeat. We are talking about a minor kitchen remodel and I am listing the things I MUST have, like a bookshelf and pasta making area, and I don't want to finish up and say "I should have...". So I am asking, what should I absolutely include, in your humble opinion? Thanks!

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  1. I'm usually on these like white on rice, but have to know -what is the overall scope of your remodel? What equals "minor" to you? And, welcome aboard!

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      No walls moved, a reorganization of cabinetry for better use of space.

    2. A good size cutting board either built in butcher block or space to keep one and space nearby to put it on. Mine is a 24x20 board from IKEA and I use it everyday.

      1. A worktop you can mix and roll bread/pastry/pasta on directly.

        1. Are you going to change any cabinetry, or just reorganize what's in it?

          If you're going to get some new, I'd recommend give serious consideration to going drawers-only in undercounter cabinets.

          If you're just going to reorganize, I recommend looking at some of the past Kitchen Cures at

          In fact, that's an extremely helpful exercise whether you're going to reorganize or replace: accounting for all the cookware and utensils that you have, paring down to what you actually use (or use most often), and re-storing with use in mind. You're almost bound to end up with more space, or at least space into which everything you use fits better and is more accessible.

          Some of the things that come to mind as you're studying your cooking-traffic patterns may spark other ideas for the renovation.

          1. Going through the same thing right now.
            1) You want a really good vent hood that exhausts to the outside.
            2) A hardwearing flat counter top (for all the reasons already listed)
            3) Roll out storage trays in lower cabinets.

            These are my top three must haves, obviously the list goes on and is in many ways subject to personal preference, but I think the above are universal.