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Jun 17, 2011 09:29 AM

One Great Dinner in Prov. this Sunday?

When I first came to Prov for school in 1969, Dave's Pot Belly was my intro to 'gourmet food'.(Any Prov CHs out there for a DPB shout out?!!) Now I'm an active CH poster in Boston these past 40 yrs; and will be passing through Prov the actual eve of my 60th bday. Prov is, i think, the very best small city in New England; Portland Me. a runner up. Such a beautiful city and such a huge quantity of great historic architecture (fond "hats off" to Prof. Jordy) and the fantastic Water Fires. Nothing makes me happier than driving around and looking at houses on the Hill. So, where should we eat, CHs?

These have been our experiences there, the last one 2 yrs ago:While I really admire george and joann, and always wanted to love Al Forno, we were disappointed the 3 visits long ago; new rivers a few times (before and since she died)was good but not memorable; used to love that cool seafood place with smoked shrimp that was on No.Main St. 15?yrs ago; really liked Neet's, and, before that, had some delicious pasta dishes at the A______ place on'/offThayer St. near my old dorm. The spot across from Trinity Rep where Kestral was briefly and Empire? before that-- liked both of them.Tini's looks fun but i'm not a stool person and they're not open sundays. I THINK we tried gracie's once (is it a heavy Victorian room?) and it was o.k. Not looking for plain; not looking for fried seafood; really enjoy inventive and fusion, but will just be happy to have excellent food on Sunday. And really appreciate your help with this!

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  1. Hi Chef:

    Choices are limited on a Sunday. Alas, no Chez Pascal. The last couple of times we've been in Providence on a Sunday we went to Loie Fuller's and had very enjoyable, if not great, meals.
    Happy 60th!

    Chez Pascal Restaurant
    960 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

    1. wow, i'm so disappointed. i thought Prov had an active CH board; maybe not any more eh? Sun. looks like a choice between local 121 and louie fuller's. I do hope others will chirp in. I have read all the related threads i can on these 2, plus studied their menus. Th you.

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        "Inventive" and "fusion" are two things missing from PVD's restaurant scene right now. There seems to be an inexhaustible capacity here for Italian restaurants with a New American twist, or visa versa, although some recent closings of such mediocre genre entries (like Ardeo) give me some hope we've reached some sort of saturation.

        I agree that Loie Fuller's is definitely the way to go, or maybe Bacaro. I love Local 121 as well, but it's admittedly a bit inconsistent, so I wouldn't bank on it as an outsider coming into town.

        Regarding the Providence CH chat, I've been on the board for about 8 years (wow, that just hit me) and it's definitely declined. Former active PVD CH posters I've talked to around town say they've tired of the heavy-handed moderation here and the mandatory Q&A format that discourages discussion. I had a thread about what genres of food our local restaurant scene could use several years ago and it was erased for not adhering to the Q&A format and not discussing existing restaurants, which is apparently a CH forum must, and another local poster's thread was recently locked about a local restaurant that was shut down for health violations (which was very widely reported in mainstream TV and newpaper media here but isn't allowed to be discussed on CH). I can't blame folks... How many times can you answer the same, "Need a restaurant near Waterfire tomorrow!!!" posting without having any other discussions without getting bored?

        Local 121
        121 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

        Bacaro Restaurant
        262 S Water St, Providence, RI 02903

        Providence Station, Providence, RI 02903

        1. re: Garris

          well darn, bacaro looks just wunderful, and after searching everywhere on their website, i finally found their hours>>>NO sunday. geez, prov has gone back to the middle ages. (not really; in the real culinary middle ages, before i arrived in prov, there was nothing WORTH being open on sundays!)
          So, loie fuller it will be, unless we just head back to boston. i'll report if we go to LF, and thank you 2 for responding; appreciate it. Sorry to hear about your moderator problems; we have our share of them as well. They do have a tough job and they are volunteers i believe so we must thank them for all they do do, but if the prov CH activity has declined this badly, i wish they would take note and re-exaine their role in that.

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            we were so late and exhausted last night, we returned to boston for an impromptu bday dinner at a great new spot.Thanks so much for your advice; we'll be coing back and trying these spots and posting after we do!

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              Prov area CHs, given the research i did do, and with your help, based on not coming down on a SUNDAY, here are the places I would choose from in the future, those most appealing at the top, working down from there.:


              Cafe Pascal

              La Laiterie


              Louie Fuller's

              Local 121 http://www.local121.com/menus/dinner



              Local 121
              121 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

              La Laiterie
              184-188 Wayland Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

              Bacaro Restaurant
              262 S Water St, Providence, RI 02903

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                You don't have to post the same thing in two different threads. And it's Chez Pascal, not Cafe Pascal.

      2. I not only remember David's Pot Belly, but I remember its original location, on Brook St. close to Wickenden, before the move to South Main. Street cred or what?

        As far as CH goes, when my post a few years ago about the "new" Angelo's--to me a quintessential CH destination--got no responses (though I haven't checked in a while), I figured I was on another wavelength.

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          yes,smoky, Brook St. ! I never knew they moved to So Main (I left Prov in 1971). What IS at that Brook St location now? (did it become La Rive or something, years ago?) Funny, one of my clearest LONG AGO food memories is of a D's PB dish that i've never seen anyone else do:
          (Brunch): Ramekin filled with mashed sweet potatoes, topped w/ bacon strips and 2 eggs, topped w/ sharp cheddar, baked til done. man o man o schevitz. :-}