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Jun 17, 2011 08:49 AM

Kosher sushi at Costco

I just bought sushi from Costco. Avocado Supreme Roll and Rainbow Vegetable roll. 16 large pieces for $7.99 Looks beautiful. How long does sushi last? I usually eat mine that day and sometimes push it for the next. This one has a date on it of 6/23/11 could that be right?

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  1. That's got all kinds of wrong written on it. Sushi is not meant to last. What you're buying is some kind of rice roll concoction. I'd venture to say that it won't be any less edible on 6/23 than it is today.

    1. Is there fish in it? Or just avocado and veggies?

      1. Which Costco???

        If it is just veggies then it should be OK (except the Avocado will probably turn brown?)

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        1. re: Achshav

          The rice won't hold up well either. Sushi rice will dry out within a day, or certainly two.

          1. re: queenscook

            You're basing this on a fresh sushi preparation, this is not a product made in-store for same-day consumption. It's made somewhere else, is intended for use at a later date and has a designated shelf life. It looks like maki, but it's not.

          2. re: Achshav

            Lawrence. No real fish in these. This is no issue for me since I don't eat (or eat reluctantly) ones with raw fish. I usually buy California, Avocado or vegetable rolls.

            1. re: MartyB

              where in the store was it? where was it from? who was the hashgacha

              can you post a pic of the package

              1. re: MartyB

                My wife and youngest daughter buy this from Costco all the tome. It typically has a 5 day refrigerator shelf life.
                In fact most of it is processed in California and then shipped here to the east coast. The vinegar in the sticky rice helps extend the shelf life and stabilizes the product.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Why anyone would buy sushi made 3000 miles away instead of fresh is beyond me. Forget 3000 miles . . . even 10 miles! I can't imagine it tastes the same as freshly made, and there's certainly no dearth of fresh sushi available in NY. If one lived in a place where there was no fresh sushi available, perhaps, but here?

                  1. re: queenscook

                    With all due respect you forget that to many cost is more important (or atleast as important) as taste. I would prefer an item that tastes better and needs no processing. I am not trying to attack others who view the issue differently.

                    1. re: jeffrosenbaum

                      cost is certainly important to me, but 7.99 for what seems like 2 vegetable rolls, according to the description, isnt so much cheaper than we get it

                      the lunch specials at most of the local places (like annies) are like 10 bucks for 2-3 rolls, depending on if you get veggie or fish, and they come with soup

                      1. re: shoelace

                        This isn't really an issue of cost. If I want sushi it means that I must trek on over to one of the stores to make the purchase. It would be real convenient to have sushi that has a usable shelf life so if I am in the mood of a few pieces of sushi it is as close as my frig.

                        Unfortunately the one that I bought on Friday didn't make it past shabbos lunch. I will try again and state to my family that no one touches it until a few days go by to see if the shelf life is valid.

                        I love The Chozen’s sushi and noticed that their rolls were cheaper than Gourmet Glatt or Brachs so I figured that on my way home from work I would pick up a roll. Problem was that it took more than 20 minutes to get it, same for Wok Tov so my only options are the prepared ones from the various supermarkets. I don’t expect the Costco ones to taste anywhere near the freshly prepared ones but it would be real cool to be able to buy a few packages on Sunday to keep in the frig for the times you want a few pieces of sushi but don’t want to make a special trip just to pick it up and then have to eat it before it dries up.

                  2. re: bagelman01

                    So why don't they sell it in California?

                    1. re: SoCal Mother

                      All Costco locations get to choose theri own merchandise assortment except for some advertised items (in theor magazine and on the website) and those nationally contracted such as Bounty or Brita (I had a contract with Costco in the 1990s). It may be that in areas with a large Asian population (and as California is Pacific rim) it does not make sense to carry sushi>>>too much local competition at low prices. Here in Connecticut, the Costco sushi is leff than half the price of supermarket sushi. Costco has to compete with mass market trief pricing, this item just happens to be kosher, it is not carried just to sell to the kosher consumer.
                      The package is of the size that my 14 year old will typically get 3 days lunches out of it and it remains fresh

              2. Is this available in other Costcos? I have not seen this, but then again, was not aware of it. Anyone else seen this? Or is it only in Lawrence???

                1. I bought this a month or so back, and the avacdo didn't turn (that) brown, and it looked the same after a few days. However, it is solely my opinion, but the taste was horrible ! It has a parever cream cheese added to the rolls and my kids thought it was horrible...again, only my opinion. If it was a regualr veggie roll it would definately be worht it.