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Jun 17, 2011 08:34 AM

DC Weddiing Venue

Looking for a wedding venue (200-250 persons) with good food in DC proper. Any insight?

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  1. there are hundreds of possibilities depending on your budget. There are places you can bring caterers, places that supply food. Everything. Just went to a wedding at the Mayflower and the food was very good - surpringly so (I thought it wouldn't be as good). There are hotels with different types of ethinic courses, stations, buffets.

    If you know more of what type of environment you are looking for, you might get more specific responses.

    I was in contact with the Hotel Monoco, the W Hotel, and DAR Constitution hall for my wedding other than where I ended up having it. There is everything for every taste in this city and as such, you definitely need to narrow down your style, price point, and type of food.

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      Like Jeserf said it depends on the budget I have done a few events at the Corcoran Gallery of Art its a pricey but a nice venue for a wedding. You just need to hire a good caterer and your all set

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        The corcoran is very, very expensive just a head's up. Carnegie Institute on P St also can be rented for events. Not sure of the price but you can bring in your own food/drinks which can save money

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          Thank you both. Budget of 100-120k. Not sure what type of wedding that gets me these days....While I thought I would prefer a non-hotel venue, a one stop destination does have some appeal.

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            your welcome - You should be able to get what you want on that budget especially with a head count of 200-250 ppl most hotels would be willing to throw in a few freebies

            1. re: mmm9x

              I spent 1/10th of that so my recommendations might not be useful.

              I know people getting married at the St Regis, and like I said - the Mayflower did a very nice job even if it's not my style (they had two weddings going on at one time). The Willard was also beautiful when we looked at it (it was like $300 per person).

              Since you have a large budget, a place that, while it isn't DC, is very amazing for weddings - the Torpedo Factory in Old Town.

              Hotels didn't throw any "freebies" but even with my small event (80 people) I brought with me samples of what other hotels were offering and had where I had it match the amount of stuff for the same price per person. This was easy with a Kimpton because I got RFPs from other Kimptons that do more weddings than where I had it.

              Lastly you might try wedding specific boards as more people there (like the Knot or Wedding Bee) have planned weddings more recently than here....

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                Hotels didn't throw any "freebies" but even with my small event (80 people) - Depends on the hotel and negotiation - my cousin got major discounts and several free upgrades on his wedding in Jamacia due to the number of hotel guest.

                1. re: Jeserf

                  I went to a wedding 2 years ago at the Willard that still goes down as one of the most amazing weddings I've ever been to. I have no idea how much the budget was but I'm sure it was very high (they ended up using 3 different rooms for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and main reception).

                  The food was EXCELLENT! The cocktail hour was amazing--dumpling bar, raw bar (with guys shucking fresh oysters in front of you), and I think sushi rolls. Possibly a few passed plates as well...I can't remember. For the main course (served seated) was a surf and turf---steak (likely a filet mignon or something) and a crab cake. It was very good. Although honestly after all we ate at the cocktail hour we were pretty full. I liked the crab cake though---made it seem local.

                  Certainly consider looking at the Willard if you have a flexible budget. So beautiful and iconic of DC.

                  I also went to a wedding recently at the Newseum. It is a beautiful place to hold a wedding because the top floor (where the reception is held) offers one of the best views you'll find in DC. The cocktail hour was held outside on the rooftop (with heaters since it was November. You didn't even notice a chill in the air). The catering is Wolfgang Puck. Lots of fun choices---especially for the passed appetizers. The kobe beef steak (only one option but the one I chose) for the entree was delicious. Certainly an elegant yet modern place to hold a wedding.

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    Newseum is a great idea, but I seem to remember they have a lot of restrictions - similarly the Corchran did as well....and when we spoke to the person at the Williard, it was $300 per person minimum in case you're interested ;)

                    1. re: Jeserf

                      If it is $300/person (which I imagine this would change depending on the menu, which room you use etc) this would still keep mmm9x within budget.

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        very much so - it was $300PP to start.

                        Another place to check out is Mansion on O Street - it might be a really cool wedding venue. It's a very funky DC spot in a great neighborhood (good part of Dupont)

                        The Mansion on O Street
                        2020 O St NW, Washington D.C., DC 20036

                  2. re: Jeserf

                    ahh but Jeserf, the Carnegie on P is about the right size and such a nice setting (the wedding I attended, the bridal party descended those stairs to Wagner's "Flight of the Valkyries" HA!)

                    but to the OP: sheesh with a budget like that, get a planner. I always thought the atria of the NPG/AAM or the Hirschhorn would be really cool.

                    1. re: hill food

                      yes, the carnegie is gorgeous. So is DAR Constitution Hall. Both are wedding-perfect for most people. We had 76 guests and a canine ring bearer, and most would not accommodate the dog and be too huge for a small gang. I also personally think the added stress of handling a caterer and bar tending is not worth it in the long run especially if you have to use an approved caterer (who will no doubt upcharge for that luxury of being on the approved list). But if one can juggle all that, then both of those places are great.

                      And While Flight of the Valkyries is funny, I'm not sure it trumps a string version of Don't Stop Believing. Just sayin' :)

                      1. re: Jeserf

                        or "Who's Sorry Now?"

                        re the logistics of a site without a built-in staff, that's where the planner steps in, let them deal with those headaches.

                        1. re: hill food

                          With that budget hire a wedding planner and an experienced caterer a wedding with 200-250 guest should be no problem for most experienced catering companies

          2. We looked at the Willard before we booked the Greenbrier, I really like it, would have been on my short list had we done it in DC.

            BUT I would also check out the Washington Club, the space is spectacular. I had my wedding shower there and it is just beautiful.

            By DC proper does that exclude VA? Belle Haven Country Club is really pretty too.

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              Thanks for all the great suggestions! I will look at the willard, though I don't want to spend $300 pp. Will also check out the Mansion, Washington Club, Mayflower, Park Hyatt and Corcoran. A small destination wedding may end up having some appeal after all this:)

              1. re: mmm9x

                I know you are said you didn't prefer a hotel wedding, but we loved the Greenbrier because they took care of so many of the details it was much less planning, but they also have on site churches and flower shops and etc. But if you are thinking you might get overwhelmed in planning they can be better bets in terms of less planning.

              2. re: ktmoomau

                My best friend had her wedding at the City Club and it was very nice---cool art deco space. The food was quite good as well.

              3. I was married at the Hay Adams 4 years ago. It was pretty outstanding. Ceremony & cocktail hour on the roof followed by seated dinner and dancing downstairs. It was certainly not cheap.

                1. I went to a wedding last year at Bobby Van's Grill on 12th and New York Ave NW. I go here all the time for dinner so last May I was pleasently suprised when I was invited to a weddiing. The party was about your size, I am guessing 200 maybe 250, and they rented out the entire floor at Bobby Van's. Food was great and the space is awesome. There was plenty of space for dancing drinking and dinner. Dinner took place in one room while the dance floor and private bar were connected in an adjacent room. Check out the space if you have time the wedding was one of the best I ever went to.