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Jun 17, 2011 08:30 AM

Home made Soda- Questions

Picked up a soda stream.. wasnt satisfied with the results since i will not be using their syrups.

For the most part.. i find them too sweet and just artificial .

I want to carbonate some teas some juices etc.

But not sure what the best method would be to get a good strong FIZZ.. similar to coke from the store.

I feel that once i mix my teas or add a flavor or let it restl.. the fizz dies out..

It defnitely carbonates the beverage.. but i want it to be cripser and better with more bubbles. more fizz.. more head.

So i researched other methods.

I see 2 methods.

One is with yeast and sugar.

and another works with a larger co2 tank.. some valves etc

this method requires the gas to be put in the water and then shaken to distribute gas and let rest.

It seems to produce a stronger fizz.

Anyone have any suggestions of what works?

whats good?

Any pointers on some chemistry to help the beverage? I hear a hint of guar gum helps hold more bubbles?

This true?

thanks as always


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  1. You might try the Fizz Giz. It carbonates much better than the Soda Stream, and you can carbonate whatever you want with it.

    1. Keep your water in the fridge before you carbonate it -- cold water holds more gas.

      1. thank you.

        do you think a better method would be to use a co2 tank..a tube and a valve ?

        seems like you can get a better result that way instead of using one of these cosumer friendly machines.

        also... i was looking at the recipe for coke..and found the additional use of
        citric acid, phosphoric acid, lime juice amd
        corn syrup.

        can anyone weigh in on this? i would like to try experimenting with these to get a better result.

        thanks again

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        1. re: lestblight

          Here's a do-it-yourself solution:
          Here's a bunch of do-it-yourself links:

          Coke adds phosphoric acid to give it that extra bite, because the carbonic acid produced by CO2 is a very weak acid. Of course, lemon and lime also have acid, so you might use those to make it a little tangier.

          I saw a really good video on YouTube once of a guy trying to mimic the Coke recipe, but I don't have a link.

          1. re: pedeleao

            This American Life recently ran an episode where they tried to adapt the Coke formula with the Jones Soda people and Sovereign Flavors scientists.


          2. re: lestblight

            Have you heard of open-source cola? Here's a link:
            There are a lot of ingredients, but I understand it's pretty good.

            1. re: gilintx

              I am looking into the FIZZ GIZ.. just concerned about the yield on the co2 thinking a tank might be better.

              Anyone know how i should add the phosphoric acid and ctric acid to the soda recipe?

              Does it need to be heated and dissolved? or just mixed in cold?

              Also what are the measurements to use? I would assume its not alot.. but just wanna be safe here.

              I wil be basing this on a gallon of liquid.

              Thanks so much.

              1. re: lestblight

                One cartridge is enough to carbonate a 2-liter bottle, so it doesn't really save you any money. It's more a question of convenience and being able to make your own recipes.

                1. re: pedeleao

                  yeah thats what i thought

                  thats why i was considering this option.


                  at 130$ with about a 25$ refilling fee on the tank.. it would be a better option.

                  Im just wondering about the cap system on both here.

                  The fizz.. lets you leave the cap on and not lose any of the co2.. i dig that.

                  The other system.. makes you remove the cap and replace with a regular cap.. which loses some of the inital co2.

                  any idea on the phosphoric acid?

                  thanks so much

          3. Just curious why you didn't keep the Soda Stream and use it for carbonation? I have one and agree that the syrups can be artificial. We use the diet variety. But, I use it a great deal just for seltzer.

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            1. re: monavano

              The soda stream wasnt ideal for making your own sodas- just conveniently using their syrups.

              I learned the hardway.. when it exploded in the kitchen.

              I found that the carbonation didnt fully integrate in the liquid.. it sat on top and released most of it when i poured it.

              It also didnt allow me to shake it and get a nice full carbonation.

              The soda stream worked decently for water.. but i wanted a better method to allow me to be more free with the beverage and provide a stronger carbonation.

              I found the sodastream traded convenience and a pretty countertop model for actual good results from a dingy co2 tank and some tubes and valves.

              1. re: lestblight

                I had a feeling that I shouldn't use it to carbonate anything but water. We're happy with it overall.

                1. re: monavano

                  it defnitely works.. i just want a more coca cola carbonation and bite for the beverages im making.

                2. re: lestblight

                  Mine carbonates fully, and a full bottle will stay bubbly for at least a couple of days. (You'll only understand this part if you have one-) I give it one initial, then three obnoxiously noisy pumps to achieve the desired carbonation level.
                  We like to mix it, three or four to one, with Simply Lime. Makes a delicious, very refreshing drink. Not soda, but better, IMHO

              2. I am looking into making homemade sodas myself after I went to a workshop with Andrew Schloss who wrote a great book called Homemade Soda. I found a tutorial on how to rig a CO2 tank on etsy, I have not tried it yet, but plan on to.