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Jun 17, 2011 08:26 AM

Links to popular threads

When I'm on site, reading a thread, there's always "related" thread links at the end. Every time I click on a popular one...with hundreds of replies, I always get the "So Sorry" prompt.
The one I just tried had over 700 replies. Someone had asked "What simple tip were you given, or learned had a huge impact on your cooking?
It's pretty frustrating being teased with such a subject matter you can't access. Happens every time, with a large reply list.

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  1. Have you cleared your browser cache lately? If you use a PC I strongly suggest a free "tidy up and make my Internet connections run so much faster" site such as CCleaner ( and if you use Fire Fox as your web browser then going to their "tools" icon and then selecting "clear everything" to get rid of the detritus building up there is a good idea. Then, after you've done your "Spring/Summer Cleaning" try a restart and then see if you can't connect to those longest threads with ease?

    1. Hm. No issues in Firefox or Chrome for large threads, but I am indeed seeing the error page on Safari and on all of the versions of Internet Explorer that we support. We'll file a ticket and take a look at this. Thank you for being so specific- large threads might be the root problem behind several complaints that we've had trouble tracking down until now...

      Actually, logging in made the problem go away on all offending browsers for me. Are you not logged in when you're seeing this problem, or is something else going on?

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      1. re: Engineering

        I'm using Firefox 4 on a laptop. I went to find the link to post it. Come to find it works now. It did say on the prompt; "we're working on it..."
        I guess from now on, I'll bookmark the link, and try it later.

        Thanks to you both