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Jun 16, 2011 09:13 PM

NEW: Panda Dumpling (xlb, noodles, etc) San Carlos - any reports?

I just read that Panda Dumpling is now open in San Carlos. Yelpers say there's xlb, noodles, onion pancakes, etc. There's a 10% off total until 6/30/11. Who's tried it?

Panda Dumpling
1195 Laurel St
San Carlos
Daily 11-9

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  1. I actually ate there two weeks ago. The XLB are house made. You can watch them rolling out the dough and pinching up the dumplings. I tried the pork not the crab ones. They were good, though I'm not an expert. They have thin skins that didn't break and loose all the soup before you could get it on your spoon, but not too thick that it was all you were chewing on. The green onion pancakes are crispy fried, a bit thick for me, maybe needs a bit more salt, or I'm used to really salty ones. I had the chive turnovers. They were decent, but I still love the ones at Joy in Foster City better. They make these steamed buns with shredded pork in them which they shape like a really cute hedgehog. The Shanghai noodles were good, not greasy, not too salty, nice chewy noodles. I asked if they had weekend special dishes, but she said they were going to make their own soy milk, but are waiting for more business before expanding the menu. I would definitely go back for the XLB since I won't have to drive to San Mateo. Definitely a good value meal too.

    1. Stopped by and had the Niu Rou Char Bing which was pretty good. This beef pie was quite large and flat, unlike the hockey puck types I'm used to seeing in Los Angeles. I guess my main observation is that for a restaurant with "Dumpling" in its name, there aren't too many dumpling options (as defined in the long thread that sparked a food fight on the Los Angeles board, and which excludes XLB from the definition of dumpling). The bun and dumpling section of the menu is only about a quarter of the menu and it's mostly buns (e.g., shen jen bao), onion pancakes, wontons etc. So if you're looking for a selection of dumplings like at Tong Dumpling or even the maligned My Dumpling, it's not here.

      My Dumplings
      300 Barber Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035

        1. My brother thinks this location has improved since the Redwood City branch closed.