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Jun 16, 2011 08:22 PM

Favorite "messy food" dish in LA?

For me?

It's the House Special Fish at Seafood Village.

It comes in its own chafing dish, and it's basically a fish stew, made with a whole fish, some conpoy, a handful of sour cabbage, and little bits of chicken parts to add depth and flavor to the stew.

Result? Gelatinous heaven -- it's like Jell-O of the sea.

And, if I'm dining with people who are younger than me, then I get first dibs on the fish carcass and head, and then just step away from the table folks. The only tools I need are my hands because chopsticks are useless when all you are doing is sucking and plucking. I stop only when there's nothing left of that fish except for a pile of bones and maybe some fins.

Of course, my face ends up covered in this thin film of fish stew -- a nice fish stock patina, if you will. If I'm lucky my shirt is spared, or I'm just wearing something that's disposable.

The perfect ending? I excuse myself to the restroom to, um, y'know, tidy up.

What about you? Where do you go to indulge in your favorite "messy food"?

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  1. almost all of the shrimp dishes at mariscos chente in inglewood qualify if you use your fingers to separate the heads from the bodies of the shrimp.

    also if you order their ceviche and try to eat it using a "dump a scoop of cerviche on a chip and try to get the whole thing into your mouth in one bite" method, it, too will be messy.

    it is located on the north side of imperial highway near the corner of yukon.

    go on a day that sergio is cooking (his normal days off are tuesdays and wednesdays)

    1. The spicy lobster at newport typically ends up on parts of my face other than my mouth and on my clothes.

      1. How fun!

        Anything from Joe's Crab Shack usually ends up all over me! And one time they were out of bibs!!

        Also, the chicken dish at Dino's Chicken and Burgers. I have never left that place without at least one stain on my (usually white) shirt!! But then again, I think I may just be a messy diner alltogether... ;-)
        BTW, LOVE your photo, ipse!!

        1. Anything on the menu at The Boiling Crab. After a visit I have to wash my hands for days.

          The Boiling Crab
          14241 Euclid St Ste C116, Garden Grove, CA 92843

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          1. pulled pork sandwich at jay bees or bludso's (which is a lot bigger than it used to be).