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Feb 27, 2006 09:15 PM

Gardena Japanese sweets-mochi

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Perceptor's slideshow made me so hungry that I started craving sweets after vicariously eating through his meal. Here are a couple recent pics of what I picked up in Gardena, trying a new place that hounds recommended, Sakura-ya, and my old standby Chikara. They're very close-same side of the street-so popping into both and comparing was no problem.

The difference btwn them seems to be that Chikara is a little more expensive and formal with some fancier molded and shaped items where Sakura-ya has more rustic stuff and fruity flavors. They both do the basic bean stuffed mochi and tasted very fresh (at Sakura-ya, the lady reminded me to eat it that day for the best taste. I love that).

Any info on special places in the area to purchase green tea to enjoy along with my sweets would be very much appreciated.

16134 S. Western Ave, Gardena

Chikara Mochi
16108 S. Western Ave, Gardena


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    Hungry All the Time

    I had the pink mochi with the cherry leaf the other day and it was sooo good! It was both salty and sweet. Always an interesting and complimentary combination.

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    1. re: Hungry All the Time

      Exactly, the salty-sweet combo. Love the cherry scent and the nibs of rice too.

      1. re: Hungry All the Time

        how much are the sakura mochi?

        1. re: jschyun

          $.90 a piece, I think.

          1. re: petradish

            Dang, they have raised their prices.. It is $1.10/piece now.. Just went today to grab a box. I don't get why they don't give discounts if you buy more. $1.10/piece is pretty dang expensive especially considering they are an all cash place so they probably fudge their numbers to the IRS every year. I guess that is what allows them to only sell out of mochis so early in the day..

            1. re: mstinawu

              Wow. So you are saying that when one buys a larger quantity, all businesses should/must give a discount to obtain your business. In addition, if a business only takes cash for payment, they probably fudge their numbers to the IRS every year. And I guess charging more and taking cash allow them to sell out of mochis early in the day? This makes my day.

              1. re: mstinawu

                Yeah I think its unfair to say they cheat on their taxes because they deal in cash. You should know while using a card might seem free to you, they charge for merchant services to entrepreneurs. Also, sometimes checks bounce. It's one thing to say its too expensive, but its a whole different thing to accuse someone of tax fraud.

        2. g

          re: SAKURAYA:
          I grew up in Gardena and I must say that Masa Fujita's lovingly-made manju are special to me.
          His shop also makes the best kintoki (sweet bean) shaved ice in the universe in the summertime.
          Get yourself---and your kids---there before the entire Gardena Nikkei community vanishes off the face of the earth and takes a mighty chunk of Southern California's Japanese American culture with it.
          March 3rd is Girl's Day!

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          1. re: Gohantabeyoka

            Thanks for the shaved ice tip-can't wait!

          2. The gallery doesn't seem to be working.