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Jun 16, 2011 06:47 PM

Rye Bread In Seattle

Who do you think has good rye bread in Seattle.
Delis, bakeries, butcher shops, etc.
I'm making rye this weekend and want to give it to places so that they can compare mine with what they are currently using.

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  1. I can't provide you with a definitive list, but the caraway rye at Stopsky's Delicatessen on Mercer Island is fantastic.

    Stopsky's Delicatessen
    3016 78th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040

    1. If you can find one of the Russian Deli/shops they usually have a great rye bread available. Really great rye bread. I like the next to darkest version.

      Macrina Bakery has a good rye bread.

      Macrina Bakery & Cafe
      2408 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

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        How do you find Russian Deli's and shops?

        1. re: JayDK

          The 2 I used to buy bread at have both closed unfortunately.... From Russia With Love and Bravo. There was one in Kenmore near Grocery Outlet but I haven't been out there in a long time so I can't say whether they are still open or not.

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            Try the Russian Food market at the corner of West Valley Highway and Strander Blvd, near Southcenter. They have rye bread. Russian rye bread is radically different from the American/German product we see in American grocery stores.
            First of all, NO DAMN CARAWAY SEEDS! (yay!)
            Second, the loaves aren't made in the US. They're made in BC and trucked in.
            Third, demand is quite high, so turnover is high.
            They include no wheat flour
            Each loaf weighs around six pounds, and might cost $4.00

            Forget the factory-made plastic American/German stuff. Go to the Russian Food Store there and get something that's really good.

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              There's a Russian deli between 135-145th and Aurora on Aurora, on the east side of Aurora, there's one on Sunset Dr at Union in Renton Called "Vladimir's" I think. There's one in Auburn on Auburn way just south of 277th, there's one in Bellevue north of I-90 on 148th.
              Do you need more stores? Often they're called "European food stores" or something because the cuisine they offer can include Russian, Polish, East European, and Northwest Asian (Caucasian) cuisine. Caviar and kasha.

        2. Tall Grass & Macrina both make nice rye .. Tall Grass’ is very dense and seedy, it’s great

          1. Eurobake in Portland supplies a variety of Eastern European and Middle Eastern breads to area shops. I'm not a big fan of rye bread so can't tell you about its quality, but I like other items from them (e.g. a raisin braid, nazook ).

            1. There are a number of people who's opinions I trust who like the Rye bread from Columbia City Bakery.

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                Just wanted to confirm that Columbia City Bakery makes a very nice loaf. Crispy crust, consistent crumb, and excellent rye flavor. No caraway, no corn meal (a good Jewish deli rye would include both caraway seeds (or those little black seeds - chernushka) and cornmeal on the bottom, if it were labeled "corn rye"). It's just a good yeasty loaf.