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Jun 16, 2011 06:06 PM

Kabab Grill in Palms?

Anyone been to Kabab Grill in Palms? It got a good review today in the L.A. Times. Syrian food.

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  1. I went once when it first opened and had an unremarkable kebab. Figured that was a safe bet given the name. Looking at the article though, it appears I ordered wrong. I do remember it having really great pita bread though.

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      1. re: echoparkdirt

        The safeeha bread is wonderful, if u like the strong salty Arab cheese on it. The appetizers are less than mediocre: the felafels tasted sub-trader joes, the potatoes were old and soaked the with oil, the lebna was average

        Too bad, but besides the bread nothing special here

    1. Went last night for take out. I still have not formed a full thought on them, but it is good. We had the Kibbe, Fatayer and the Safeeha The Fatayer and Safeeha were light and pillowy and the KIbbe was one of the better ones I've had in LA. There are folks on yelp who have complained of long waits for food but I called ahead and it was waiting for me about 25 minutes later.

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      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        All the Yelpers who complain just go somewhere like Sunnin where the food is premade and reheated.

        People (especially the hordes who post on Yelp) seem to have very unrealistic expectations of a tiny family run restaurant. It's not a four-star restaurant where there are a dozen sous-chefs running around. And they are obviously trying to do something other than premade fast food. It's people like the Yelpers who drive good family run restaurants out of business.

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          I will say the speed of the service was mentioned in the LA Times article as well, but I had no issues with it. also they have been open long enough, they may be hitting their stride as far as work flow.

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            I'm confused - I don't care how long it takes so long as the food is made as if in someone's home, by someone who knows what he or she is doing.

            Are the mezze better there than elsewhere? I may have to go check for myself ASAP.

        2. Yeah it's good. I had the thing that looks like pizza.

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          1. re: rcompton

            This has become my favorite place lately. The Safeeha is amazing, light, savory, addictive, middle eastern pizza. The beef and chicken schwarma are amazing, juicy, perfectly spiced. And generously portioned. My misgivings about the felafel and the potatoes stand. But everything else is worth it. This place has grown on me. Also, free wifi from the Starbucks next door! Parking lot is terrible tho. All in all, it's up there with Zankou, possibly better. I haven't tried Mezza tho.

            1. re: echoparkdirt

              also, Zankou doesn't have Safeeha. yeah, i tried the falafel ther once with the safeeha, and like the ground lamb/beef topped safeeha but found the falafel to very lacking (and for some reason, they were formed in the shape of hockey pucks). I'll have to try the beef schwarma too (is it really flavorful, because recently I had shwarma that was not at all flavorful and tasted disgustingly awful at another joint across town).

              Isn't it a Coffee Bean next door??? (or am i just getting my mini-malls mixed up)


          2. Ate there yesterday. Still searching for a great kebab like what they have in Europe, but I do think kebab grill *narrowly* edges out Sofra for my area's top doner/durum shop.

            I got a beef shwarma wrap with fries inside (gotta have the fries inside). Beef was a little dry, and somewhat underseasoned. The chicken looks better judging by pics on yelp, so I'll try that next time. The wrap was a little thicker than the usual tortilla wrap, which I liked, but it wasn't quite big enough to surround all the ingredients inside.

            So far the best shwarma I've found in Socal is at the Kebab Shop in my hometown, San Diego. They have a Europe-level kebab. Kebab Grill will do in a pinch and apparently they have some menu items (eg the safeeha) that are great, but their shwarma is just OK. At least it isn't worse than OK.

            1. Kebab Grill (some nice person made the chow link already!) place link. I was able to find and add their web site with a priced menu that includes photos of the food as well as a description.

              Kebab Grill
              10401 Venice Blvd #101b, Los Angeles, CA 90232