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Jun 16, 2011 05:06 PM

dried mushrooms question

I bought 4 pounds of gourmet dried mushrooms (porcini, oyster, morel). Can these be sauteed if I soak them. I have heard pouring boiling water makes them more moist.
I've only every used them in a tomato sauce where the sauce moistens them, but want to sautee some for crostini.

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  1. Hydrate the mushrooms anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in a bowl after pouring boiling water over them.

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      and don't forget to save the (strained in a coffee filter) soaking water to use in your recipe. I would rehydrate them even for spaghetti sauce just to have the flavorful liquid.

    2. Definitely rehydrate them. You can use various liquids depending on the recipe. I sometimes rehydrate them in alcohol such as cognac or Port or even fresh fruit juice and of course use the resulting mushroom "stock". Another cool thing to do with dried shrooms (if you have some left over) is to grind in a spice grinder to sprinkle into dishes or use as a rub on beef.

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        +1 to all.

        the powder is fabulous in scrambled eggs as well...or mixed into flatbread or pasta dough.

      2. I've used the dried powder to "bread" sea bass, which I then pan sear. yum. I rehydrate the mushrooms and save the stock to add a "meaty" flavor to anything from beef stock or pot roast to short ribs, braised veal, and spaghetti sauces.

        1. I'd add that before you grind dry to use as powder, try to determine how much grit they have. Some have more than others. If you rehydrate them, see how much sediment is on the bottome. You'll want to strain the liquid (which is wonderfully flavorful) before using or pour from the top.
          i bought a big plastic container of various dried mushrooms from Costco, but they were so gritty I dumped it. Then again, I have bags of dried Polish borowiks that rehydrate clean as a whistle!

          1. Can, but I wouldn't. Outside of liquid based dishes, I find that the texture difference from fresh and re-hydrated is too noticeable to go through all the trouble. My favorite way to serve (fresh) mushrooms is to just pan roast them and even though some qualities, like a crispy exterior, can be achieved with dried stuff, it's just too "off" from the real deal. All that said, I do like dried for sauces and soups, since they're easy to keep/use.

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              I agree-- texture is very different from fresh. When I add to braises or say, risotto, I will chop finely.