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Jun 16, 2011 04:45 PM

la cashina- matawan?

has anyone eaten there?

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  1. We did way back, but I don't remember it. Offhand, I'd *guess* it must be decent, because there is no way it could survive in that location if it weren't.

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    1. re: eleeper

      i ate there about 10 years ago, but have not been back. the fact that it can remain open there makes me wonder if the food is better than okay. i was hoping someone had some more current information.

      1. re: betsey

        My wife and I ate there a little over a year ago. The food was ok. We split a hot antipasti. I remember thinking some parts were good while others weren't. My wife got veal parm and the cheese was thicker than the veal. Their sauce was good. I got a pesto dish that I did enjoy. I would have probably have gone back, but they commited what I consider a cardinal sin in the restaurant business which is charging for Soda refills. That just drives me up a wall and cost them any chance of repeat business.

        1. re: hcentro

          Umm, La Cashina is in Marlboro, but close to Matawan.

          It's okay Italian. I'd rather drive a little further to Enzo's in Aberdeen (behind the Carvel).

      2. re: eleeper

        "I'd *guess* it must be decent, because there is no way it could survive in that location if it weren't."

        You're joking, right? Mediocre Italian restaurants are the proverbial dime a dozen in these parts, and La Cashina is one of them (we tried it once a long time ago). Most have been around for years, so mediocrity does not seem to be a problem for the population that keeps them in business.

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