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Jun 16, 2011 03:54 PM

New Piedmont Ave. outpost of Geta?

So the nice people at Geta told me that they're opening a new place on Piedmont Ave., either near or directly next door to the Mr. Green Bubble. I was just picking up a takeout order and it was really crowded, so I didn't have a chance to get a lot of details, but from what I could glean:

- It's going to be an izakaya.
- Their sushi / donburi shop will still be open at its original location.
- The new place is tentatively slated to open sometime next month.

Anyone have any information beyond that? I'm pretty excited about this - I think, given that the price point is so reasonable, Geta is somewhat underrated on this board. The donburi (especially the "katsu don") are in my regular takeout rotation, and it's the only place I ever get takeout sushi from. It's simple, honest food.

Geta Japanese Restaurant
165 41st St, Oakland, CA 94611

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  1. Open open open! As of today.

    4301 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

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    1. re: SuperCarnitas

      Your review (on the place page on says "see pics" but I see only the one of the sign.

      How's the alcohol selection?

        1. re: Pius Avocado III

          I wrote that. Terribly sorry for not taking the effort to edit it down. I also deleted the menu pics after uploading them to Yelp, alas, but both the regular and yakitori menus are there.

          As for alcohol, Sapporo on tap, and maybe about a dozen sakes. Not yet a descriptive menu on location of origin (I've been focusing my sake orders on those from the quake-affected Tohoku region) but a perfectly good start. No shochu.

      1. re: SuperCarnitas

        A low cost, neighborhood izakaya sounds interesting and worth a try. Was the atmosphere right? How about the grill; could you see the setup or is it in the a backroom? What kind of alcohol menu?

        Due to this thread (and some other posts here), I just tried Geta for the first time with a cost conscious East Bay friend. When I arrived, I almost turned right around (it appeared dirty and cramped). However, we decided to persevere. Next impression is that they run a tight ship; only seat you when the entire group is present, small space, quick turn over, good takeout business.

        I ordered a beer as well as a few small plates as well as a variety of nigiri; my dining partner ordered some rolls and a small plate. So, I got to try a variety of stuff. The waitress was a Japanese speaker.

        The food was better than I expected. I enjoyed the simpler plates; the only plate that I didn't care for (but my friend liked) was a fried sardine. I'm not sure what species of fish was used; it was butterflied. Nigiri was alright; however, the rice (shari) wasn't perfect. In fact, it didn't hold together well.

        Price was quite reasonable. Seems like a good student place. Not a place to go for a great sushi experience.

        1. re: jman1

          It's better for homey cooked food at great prices. Oyako don for $5.00 and that sort of thing.

          1. re: lexdevil

            I didn't even notice the donburi dishes; they seem to have been promoted as a sushi place. Maybe at lunch, they do more donburi. Just looked at the photos on Yelp; seems worth a try; thanks for the advice!

            I've had a lot of poor quality oyako don lately (often, too dry and overcooked). So, it's good to find places that do it right. I was pretty happy with Ju Ku on a recent lunch. And, Sumika does an outstanding version (but it's a hike down to Los Altos).

            236 Central Plz, Los Altos, CA 94022

            1. re: jman1

              Their katsu curry is solid, too. Nothing fancy, nothing approaching high end places, just tasty and filling food at a super price. They also have really good kara age. As far as the sushi goes, it's of similar quality, but I tend to opt for something more refined when I want sushi. I do, however, often get an order of ume/cucumber/shiso maki to go along with my meal.

      2. Wow, this is big news. Geta is always so crowded because it's so small, so it'll be nice for me to get my takeout without having to squeeze in. Wondering if the prices will be around the same?

        What's odd, too, is that there was a Japanese restaurant that opened across from Mr. Green Bubble awhile back and while nice-looking, I thought the prices were high and food just average. So with Geta opening it's new spot so close to this one, I can't imagine two Japanese restaurant surviving within yards of each other.

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        1. re: singleguychef

          that's Shimizu Sushi. i went soon after they opened last summer and wasn't impressed. they were much better when i went a few months ago (mid-April?).

          I'd say on-par with Geta sushi-wise, but pricier.

          Shimizu Sushi
          4290 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

          1. re: singleguychef

            the food at shimizu and b-dama are totally different.

          2. B-dama's 2nd day was today. according to the sushiman from geta (he's at the front counter at B-dama), it was hectic yesterday. they are now in the soft opening mode. only announcement was made at geta's. the sushiman recognized me as "regular" at geta and comped me a few samples from the white board.

            -10ish seats at the counter, 10ish small tables in the lst room, think there's a 2nd room also.
            -no sushi, rolls, nigiri, curries, bento boxes, donburris, nor ramen etc. here.
            -only overlap may be salads and appetizers. not sure. haven't looked at geta menu in ages.
            -good service, few people dining, waitress(s) recognized me also.
            -menu: isakaya (grilled), appetizers, desserts, salads, nimono (simmered), deep fried, marinated items, white board specials, (pan fried tongue, salmon takiki, beef takiki, yakitori), udon.
            -drink menu (15 names): a few beers, usual ozeki sake, some junmai, a few ginjo, a few daigingo (all from upright bottles).
            -recommed chicken karaange (6.50), ebi skewer (3.5) new caledonian blue shrimp, heart skewer, maybe the the salmon takiki(10.50)
            -portions here are small unlike geta. prices comparable to other similar biz.
            -complete review up in a few days (elsewhere) 4 1/2 stars..

            1. Enjoyed our meal tonight. After years of getting take away from Geta weekly, it was nice to come support them in their new endeavor. The karaage was great, as it is at Geta. The fried veggies were very nice too. The grilled items are offered w/ salt or sauce. I favored the salt, while my husband favored the sauce. The salted chicken with green onion skewers were especially nice. My son killed off the chicken skin skewer before I got a shot at it, so I know it met his approval. We received a few comped dishes, and really enjoyed the tuna w/ spring onions in a miso dressing and the salmon. I liked the texture of the zaru udon, but think that the dipping sauce could have been more flavorful.

              Service was attentive and friendly, though they're still working things out. It's definitely a family affair. I got a kick out of seeing the kids trying to lend a hand. I've never seen them at Geta (where I think they'd be underfoot), and I thought they were sweet.

              1. We were there tonight also and had a nice meal. I thought the food was possibly as good as (and, to me, at least as interesting as) Kirala's - but the clincher is that we got out the door, stuffed, for $20 or $30 less than what we would have paid there.

                I don't think anything on the regular menu was more than $8, and most of the yakitori items (on a separate checklist menu) were in the $2.25-$2.75 range, and the skewers weren't as skimpy as you might expect at that price point.

                For me, the highlights were the simple but very well-executed chicken thigh skewer - nice smoky char from the charcoal grill on all the yakitori we tried - and the butananban (batter-fried pork, from black pig) recommended by our server. The latter was served cold in a bowl of thin, slightly-sweet vinegar sauce. Also enjoyed the karaage. A pretty light touch with sauces, when present - nothing too sweet or salty. The karaage was served with just a lemon wedge.

                A stew of beef tongue was tender and quite tasty (would have been great with rice), but strangely didn't seem very tongue-like to me. Maybe I've just never had tongue prepared that way?

                They do need to work out some minor kinks on their menu - for example, the nutaae, described on the menu as "market fresh vegetables mixed in a miso vinegar sauce", came with shrimp and fairly large chunks of raw tuna. For me, this was a welcome surprise, but for my wife - who wanted more of a salad - not so much.

                Anyway, that hardly qualifies as a complaint. They also comped us a tomato salad to try - all organic, we were told, with shiso and slices of onion.

                Chef came over and said they'd be adding more and more new items as they go, so I'm excited to come back.

                Kirala Restaurant
                2100 Ward St, Berkeley, CA 94705