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Jun 16, 2011 03:27 PM

If It's Spring and It's 2 Amys . . .

I must be waxing rhapsodic. Seems I do one of these posts every year. At least four perfect things yesterday:

1. Zucchini fritters (overpriced at 7 or 8 bucks, but that's standard for all their "little plates; and they were delicious and the price evens out because of the next item)

2. Pork shoulder sandwich. The pork (and soft-shell) sandwiches at 2A are consistently among the city's best -- great deal, too.

3. Pizza with nettles and pancetta and grana and asparagus and buffalo mozz . . . wow.

4. Unreal roasted pineapple ice cream.

And that was for lunch, when the bar items are scarce!

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  1. Sounds like a nice afternoon. I really like that roasted pineapple ice cream; other ice cream in DC just doesn't measure up. I had the fried soft-shell crab sandwich several weeks back and it was similarly great.

    1. Yep. The soft shell crab panino + random small plate + ice cream (any flavor) is one of my favorite meals in the city, especially when the weather is gorgeous. And as mentioned, 2 Amys has some of the best ice cream in DC.

      1. OK, it's not even Spring yet, but boy . . . the small plates last night were really on. Roasted root vegetables; a roasted artichoke; beets with walnuts and ricotta; and the first harbinger of Spring -- fava beans with pecorino (!). And that was all before the vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered pistachios . . . which I think might be my new favorite, were it not for the roasted pineapple. The ice cream at 2 Amys is one of DC's best-kept secrets. Swept away any regrets for not checking out Boqueria, which probably would have cost me twice as much, and couldn't possibly have offered a better series of dishes than this.

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        1. re: Marty L.

          You made the right choice. I tried to go to Boqueria last night, but it was packed to the rafters, and the decibel levels made 2 Amy's sound like a monastary. Looks like it is going to be a nightime hotspot for drinks.