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Jun 16, 2011 02:44 PM

Kosher in Milwaukee

Any recommendations for kosher establishments in Milwaukee? We'll be spending a few days there in July. Thanks

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  1. The only kosher restaurant I knew of was Cafe Osher but I think they only do catering now - you might give them a call -

    Here is a list from Chabad Wisconsin -

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      Cafe Osher is no longer in Milwaukee. They run their catering out of Madison. weinstein5's link is good. The JCC has a cafe ( ), but I have not been there. Kosher Meat Club has a little counter/seating area and some hot food and sandwiches. Be aware that the neighborhood around the Kosher Meat Club is not the greatest. Shamash also lists three other places (have not been to them): the coffee shop near the Kosher Meat Club (Sherman Perk), the dining area of the Jewish retirement home (The Oasis), and the new place, and Schnitzel Midwest which is at the Yeshiva.

    2. I beleive that Kosher Meat Klub also serves hot foods and sandwiches.

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        I spent 2 days in Milwaukee. I was told about the Kosher Meat club and checked it out. Being there with my 2 young children who were starving as we had not found kosher food for almost a day....The employees there were so nice. There were rows and rows of yummy kosher food/groceries to take back to our hotel and also a nice selection of hot foods and a sit down place to eat. The owner sat with us, everyone was so friendly.
        I absolutely recommend it. The neighborhood didn't seem too bad at all. I felt safe to walk around most of the day with my two small kids and a suitcase.
        Have fun!