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Feb 27, 2006 06:26 PM

Shabu Shabu in Glendale

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Tucked away in the eatery row next to the Mann Marketplace 4 and those spitting frogs is a new Shabu Shabu place. Now, let me start in saying that I'm huge Shabu Shabu fan. There are several places in the LA area, but none are very close to me living in Glendale. This place is a happy medium between Shabu Shabu House (to which I have raved about on here before!) and the craptacular Koji's at H&H.

It's tasty with excellent price that is competive to Shabu Shabu House minus the long wait. It has a great selection of fresh veggies like Koji's without the hard sell on upgraded meat and stuffy touristy atmosphere. It's nice, clean, and staff is super nice. (Not to mention cute!)

The owners are extremely nice and will greet you. They really give great service and have some good Shabu Shabu as well. Color me pleasantly surprised.

Boiling Pot (or Point) on Brand Blvd. Across from the Glendale Galleria next to those frogs.

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  1. Been wanting to try that place, thanks for the rec. Glendale, comin' on up...


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      Hungry All the Time

      Is this the same "Boiling Pot" (also Shabu Shabu) in Pasadena? I used to go to that one all the time, but service has been pretty bad lately. There was only one waitress for the whole restaurant so everything (meat, vegetables, rice) came out at different times.
      This is great! I was looking for a new place.

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        I'm not sure. I'm not familar with the place in Pas.

      2. Is this place still around? ... How far down is it from Porto's?

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          It's a couple of blocks down from Porto's (going away from the 134 freeway), but on the other side of the street. If you know where Linens n Things , Good Guys, Bennigan's is at...they are in the same "mini mall". Pretty much across the street from the In n Out attached to the Galleria.

        2. after reading the posts, i went to this restaurant yesterday and i was pleasantly suprised. i found the beef to be of very high quality and felt the service was impeccable. my friend and i ordered two large portions of beef and felt there was more than enough food to go around (we had beef leftover!) and contrary to the previous posts, i found the ponzu sauce was excellent, especially with the added condiments they provide. we liked it so much we added the sauce to the broth once we finished cooking the beef and cooked our noodles and tofu in it. excellent! i have been to the boiling POT in pasadena and i felt the boiling POINT in glendale far surpassed the other in food AND service and look forward to enjoying another meal here again soon.
          we found the modern, yet comfortable decor the perfect setting for a delicious meal after a hard day of shopping at the galleria next door....this restaurant is a must!

          1. i have a dumb question. I have never been to Shabu-Shabu. I understand the concept -but- was wondering is it safe for Families? I have a 4 year old.

            Also, is there a rec where I could go and just kind of tell the server to just give me a sampling as it's my first time?? I too live in Glendale



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              you should check out this place, it's my new favorite, and I'm sure the owner would be more than willing to have you try it out. The owner and staff are very friendly and accomodating. I take my family (me, my wife and my 1 yr old) there all the time. Boiling Point
              112 S. Brand Blvd.
              (Glendale Marketplace - the Mann movie theaters with the spitting frogs)

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                Just walked by there yesterday at lunch & saw that Boiling Point is now out of business. They are putting in a Daphne's (greek fast food) instead :(