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Jun 16, 2011 01:12 PM

Sausages to grill -- what are your favourites and why in Vancouver?

On another thread I asked about sausage buns, which naturally led to what to put in them. What is your top dog (or brat or wiener or whatever) in the Lower Mainland?

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  1. Haha !

    I'm actual partial to Chinese BBQ sausages. Not the air-dried "lap cheong". But the fresh meaty pork ones that taste akin to char siu and are properly known as Xiang Chang / 香腸:


    Cantonese variety is common in local Chinese BBQ shops, seen hung in the window alongside soy chicken, bbq duck and slabs of roast pig. The Taiwanese variety is stubby and short, about 1/2 to 1/3 of the Cantonese variety. Their sweetness I find appealing and makes a great contrast with some sauerkraut, or if your'e into fiery hotness, Korean kimchi :-D

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      The Honey Garlic and the Lamb sausage from Santa Barbara on Commercial are also very yummy.
      Good question!

    2. Beer Brats! http://www.beerbrats.ca/
      Find them at the farmers' markets. Great flavours like Driftwood Farmhand infused Chicken Provencal, stout infused smokies and a bunch of others. All delicious.

      1. Since I started this, I'll weigh in too. For some reason, I keep mentioning brats but I'm really more of a Bavarian smokie lover. And my favourite at the moment (about to lose some serious Chow cred) is Grimm's. I find them less fatty and I like the flavour which is not uber garlicky like some I've tried.

        I really like the wieners from Alenka, the Russian deli at Kingsway and Fraser. They are light tasting (both in spice and fat) and very lean but not dry.

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          Alenka is the deli's name. I like the fresh chorizo from Bosa Foods and from Santa Barbara.

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            Do try BeerBrats smokies - great flavour, not too fatty and good snap to the skin.
            more info on their fb page http://www.facebook.com/pages/BeerBra...

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              Re beer brats, I have some in my freezer -- the SO is a fan, me less so.

              I've been lucky enough to get some treasures straight from D too, peter :-), though I've yet to try his fresh versions.

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              The smokies from Alenka are also very much to my taste -- retried them yesterday and I think I now prefer them to the Grimm's ones. Lighter taste, less chemically.

            3. I like the Italian sausage from Rocky's butcher shop in North Burnaby.

              1. The best fresh sausages I've had to grill with (as opposed to using as an ingredient in a more complex dish) were the fresh italian sausages from D-Original Sausage on Main St. I've been fortunate enough to be able to source them from D himself, but I think he sells to either Market Meats or Jackson's on 4th. They might be able to help you out. Or, if you are buying at least whole "wholesale" trays of 20 sausages, D might be able to hook you up through his website.

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                  I second this whole-heartedly. I stumbled into D's shop on Canada Day (enter through Kafka, walk to the back entrance, turn left), in hopes that they'd have single sausages for sale. They did, out of a sheer matter of luck (nabbed the sweet Italian sausage with fennel, which is what Eli's Serious Sausage uses for his currywurst), and it sorta sounds like I'm not the first person to try. Also grabbed some sremska.

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                    I think I mentioned in another thread that Parthenon is carrying three of D Original's sausages (not for grilling tho) including the sremska.

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                      Thanks! I noticed Marche St. George is carrying their chorizo.

                      If you get the chance, you might want to pop into D's shop anyway. It's certainly an interesting experience to see the shop in action, and they're extraordinarily nice.

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                        Ha! I regularly aggravate Drewes with pops-in when I go to Kafka's. He gave me a great tour the first time, and nearly missed his plane because of it. I've been able to try several of his offerings that way but haven't lucked into any of the fresh stuff yet.

                        ETA thanks for the tip on Marché St George. Will check it out next time we are in that hood.