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Jun 16, 2011 01:08 PM

Lyon question

Thanks to everyone for all of the helpful threads regarding Lyon and Paris!

We had some questions we were hoping you guys could help out with.

We are traveling to Lyon this July... arriving on a Sunday evening (via plane -8pmish)... staying near the Bellecour....and leaving the following Tuesday morning at noon for the train to Paris (via Part Dieu.)

What if any options will we have late Sunday evening or Monday during the day/evening in town? From our research most places appear to be closed at those times.

Also, we were thinking of stopping at Les Halles prior to departing on Tuesday to put together a nice lunch for the train ride to Paris... any particular vendors that we should visit? Hopefully we can grab an early morning oyster or two on the way out!

Thanks for any assistance!

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  1. Leon de Lyon (brasserie -- my favorite) is open every evening until 11 pm.

    As for Les Halles and a train picnic, I'd be hitting up Renee Richard's cheese stall for SURE! Some of the best cheeses in all of France. ;) also the Dubernet stand for some tins of foie gras and rillettes. The Les Halles market is really such an embarrassment of riches. It will be what WON'T you buy for your lunch. And don't forget a bottle of wine.

    1. I was in Lyon two weeks ago and my favorite meal/bouchon experience was at Chez Hugon, which is open Mon-Fri. Superb lentil salad and a quenelle like a cloud.

      Is it travesty to say I didn't like Les Halles? It seemed so clean and precious. Another wonderful market is the Marché Quai St-Antoine, which is open every day except Monday. Gorgeous produce.

      A few photos:

      1. We were in Lyon a few weeks ago. Sunday night dinner options are limited. Chef June's suggestion of Leon de Lyon is a good one; we had lunch there one day and thought it was excellent. I did not note any particular problem finding open restaurants for Monday. We ate at Daniel & Denise that evening; the best dinner of our stay, in my view.

        1. I could refer you to my previous 'Sunday in Lyon' post here

          for several options, but you are arriving late (or will you actually GET to Bellecour at 8pm?) - I would say your best bet is the ground floor brasserie of the Sofitel for somewhere that will still serve late-ish and is in the area, to save you walking around looking for somewhere. Also, L'armes de Bacchus, on the corner of Pl Bellecour and adjacent to the Hotel Royal has a diverse menu and serves on Sunday evenings. The food is quite good and if you prefer just a plate of charcuterie and a glass of wine, you can do so in the wine bar area at the front. They serve a decent selection of wines by the glass. Or, there's Sud, the Bocuse brasserie, on Pl Bellecour which is open Sundays.

          Monday - most places open up again. Depending on when in July, it might be advisable to book a few days in advance if you want to eat at one of the more popular restaurants.

          At Les Halles I like Bellota Bellota - you can buy a baguette which they will make up for you, of delicious pata negra. Might be easier than buying lots of things and worrying about where to eat them and with what utensils! Sève is almost next door for exquisite pastries and macarons.

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            we head to lyon on wednesday eve for four wonderful evenings...and happy to hear that daniel et denise was such a big since that will be our first meal of the trip!
            any suggestions for restaurants open on sunday evenings?
            also we're celebrating my husband's birthday at La Mere Brazier, given the great words about it on previous Lyon posts. any thoughts on that versus Le Gourmet de Seze?

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              ooops! sorry guys - I can see that eatdrinklyon already has a sunday post...will go study it pronto!