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Jun 16, 2011 12:45 PM

Vancouver---Best Sushi place that also serves cooked food

I have a friend from NYC that is going to Vancouver next next month and is looking to get some excellent sushi. He knows his stuff as far as sushi goes and is looking for a place that has quality nigiri especially if they have a good variety of local fish and shellfish. The only caveat here is that is girlfriend does not eat raw fish so they need to go to a place where they also serve cooked food. The most important thing here is the sushi though. i have not been to Vancouver in a while so I was lost on any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Shouldn't be a problem finding cooked food offerings at any Japanese restaurant here :-)

    And certainly no shortage of opinions on the best sushi places neither:

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      Yes, I saw that thread but was looking for current opinions.

    2. Kimura is my go-to for interesting cooked food as well as lovely raw fish. He's a bit fast and loose with the knife skills at times but the flavour and freshness is there and so reasonable in terms of price. No idea what a sushi-phile from New York would think though -- would be interesting to hear, actually.

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        Kimura looks good, do they offer a good variety of fish? Anything out of the ordinary?

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          I've only had omakase there so I get what he offers :-). We've had some great belly cuts from various fish beyond the usual suspects though -- he seems to get different kinds of mackerel, and sometimes he'll have a fish that there isn't an English name for which is fun.

      2. One place I really like their nigiri & sashimi is Ajisai Sushi Bar in Kerrisdale (2081 W 42nd Ave

        1. Ajisai is very good but not much cooked food.

          Not sure if you are looking for this type of thing as it's not a sushi resto per se, but Blue Water Cafe has incredible sushi and some of the best food in Vancouver. Warning: it's very expensive!

          Lastly, Octopus Garden would be a very solid choice!

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          1. re: waylman

            No he is looking for something traditionally Japanese. But I will pass that on as well.

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              Has anyone been to Blue Water Cafe and tried the sushi since Yoshi Tabo left? Is the quality still the same.

              I have been to Ki which is Yoshi's new restaurant and the sushi is great. Expensive just like Blue Water.

              1. re: moyenchow

                Ah that is the first report on Ki here, thanks. Worth the price moyenchow?

                1. re: fmed

                  Not sure how much the meal cost in total as it was on my boss' tab but it is just as expensive as Blue Water from what I remember from the menu.

                  The quality and execution was excellent but expected since it's Yoshi san running the show even though he was off that night we went.

                  The interior reminds me more of a steak house a la Gothams than a japanese restaurant.

                  In terms of value nobody is going to beat Kimura's omakase, but I would recommend if it's a special occasion or you are willing to drop a lot of money. I rank Ki higher than MIku if that gives you perspective.

                  Here's a pic of the some of the rolls we had. The rolls are more innovative. I think the salmon one had apple in it which I have never seen. Memory is a bit hazy.

            2. If a place has live spot prawns please let me know. I have never seen them in NYC and have only had them on the west coast. Thanks

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              1. re: MVNYC

                Thanks for all the recommendations, I will pass these along to my friend. Does anyone know if Spot Prawns will be available early July?

                1. re: MVNYC

                  The actual season ends late June (approximate). They may be available in early July.