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Euro Pane Bakery, Pasadena

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Finally made it to Euro Pane (okay, for the past three weekends) and I gotta tell you, all the posters who rave about their croissants are right. They taste pretty much like any croissant, maybe a little more rich (if that is possible) but the real difference to me is the outside – not crazy crispy, but it has some crisp to it - not that limp stuff of other lesser croissants. However, the piece d’resistance is their baguette. $2 of pure carb heaven. I could literally sit and eat the whole thing (it calls your name, I swear!!). Also, I have become quite a fan of their sweet cream cheese-filled croissant. Fantabulous!! Thanks for the recs, guys!!

Euro Pane Bakery
950 E Colorado Blvd Ste 107
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 577-1828

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  1. I agree about Euro Pane, although their plain croissants still don't hit the standard you would find in Paris -- but I would not turn one down if offered.

    My favorites are their custard tart with berries, and the pastry with sliced pears in the middle of a circle of flaky butter pastry (similar to croissant, but somehow better).

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      Hungry All the Time

      Yeah! Glad you finally made it! It'll be hard to steer away from the croissants, baguettes, and cream cheese filled croissants, but next time, try their egg salad sandwhich served a top their awesome olive bread, blueberry cream cheese puff pastry thing, date and pastry cream tart, and their granola and yogurt. Yum!

      Also, I remember you mentioning a bakery in South
      Pasadena that made croissants "the real way". How does Europane compare?

      Another patisserie/boulangerie that I think makes a damn pretty good croissant is Amadine in West L.A.

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        Euro Pane is wonderful. I swear, sometimes I think I'd move if it weren't for proximity to Sumi's thick-foamed cappuccino, puff pastry with pears and pain au chocolat.

        But I have found Amandine to be pretty ordinary. As much as I love Euro Pane, I think Susina probably has the best croissants in town.

      2. Made a trip there (it's on the way to work) after seeing someone rave about their almond croissants on this thread ( http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...


        Alas, they ran out of Almond. So I got the chocolate croissant instead... very heavenly (most choc. croissants tend to overdo the chocolate and use the milkier stuff... this one was just enough and dark!)

        Their lattes are really good too.... great foam for non-fat milk, and I can drink it up straight w/o addition of sweeteners (a rarity for me.)

        1. We went there last week and shared an egg salad sandwich and a meatloaf sandwich, both outstanding. Also some delicious Thai spicy potato chips (first time I've ever seen this flavor) But the hi-light of that visit was their fresh lemondade. It was the best lemonade we have ever had. Wish I knew what the slight little undertone in the flavor was. Maybe lavender????

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            do you know if the meatloaf is beef or what? thanks.

            1. re: kevin

              I asked once years ago and Sumi said it had beef, pork and maybe turkey. It's damn good though.

              1. re: oro3030

                I'm actually 90% sure it's just turkey.

          2. their cookies are also excellent (and they give you a sample when you pick up lunch!)

            1. The quiche is exceptional, especially the butternut squash.

              1. Agree on the quiche. At times they make it with japanese squash and other vegetables and its great. Other favorites included the round blueberry pastry with cheese filling, the plain croissants, the egg salad sandwich and the apple pan dowdy.

                Ive actually asked Sumi to prepare a picnic basket for the bowl--roast beef sandwiches, quiche, rolls and bread, pastry assortment, small chocolate cups...wonderful.

                1. Their turkey sandwich is sooo good! They roast the turkey right there. And they have the best lemonade. Also like the french toast. Thought their croissants (plain) were good, not outstanding.

                  But, and I'm wondering if anyone else has felt this too-- every time I go there, my sense of the workers behind the counter is they could care less whether or not you remain a customer. There's a sort of smugness and bad attitude about service. I haven't been back because of that. The first time I was there, I chatted with Sumi, and she gave me a printed menu (they have one), and she was just lovely, but the people she's hired to work in the front seems, well, just bitchy.

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                    I get that vibe too initially (the front-end people looked very scene...) but they were rather friendly when I placed my order.

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                      I think it's the other way around. They take a while to get to know you and you them. Then after a few visits, you're one of the family. There are lots of regulars at this particular place. You can time their arrivals.

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                        I am a regular and they are extremely friendly to me. When was the last time you went? Several years ago they had very surly employees but in the last year or two they have been much friendlier. I think part of the problem was that the surly employees were infact culinary school interns who resented working the counter or something.

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                          The last time I was there was a few weeks ago. And I have noticed how well they treat the regulars. But it is absolutely absurd for an establishment to only treat their regulars well. How are they supposed to get more regulars if they don't treat new people well? I have been there a number of times in the past few months, and every single time, I get that "whatever" attitude, and that girl with the pigtails has been downright rude. Sumi had told me they could make up a breakfast croissant, so I asked about that, and pigtail pretty much yelled at me.

                          1. re: slacker

                            breakfast nazis? ;)

                            Well, in any food service establishment--regulars (unless they're bad tippers) tend to get treated better than non-. The staff knows them better and realize the person is making a repeat patronage.

                            But yes, I agree that new/infrequent people (esp. first-timers) should be treated nicely as well. With chowhounds and other foodie blogs & boards, it's very easy and fast to spread word-of-mouth, for better or for worse.

                            That being noted, even as an infrequent customer I haven't encountered particularly bad service at Euro Pane---curt, maybe, but never downright rude.

                            1. re: AquaW

                              As a regular who sees how they treat both me (great) and other people - I think the determining factor is how hassled and busy they are.
                              I think all of this is moot though when one considers how good the food is and how nice Sumi is.

                        2. re: slacker

                          I've always thought the people that work there are real nice. The only problem I have is that sometimes when I call an order in to pickup, no one will answer the phone.

                        3. Their egg salad sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches in the city. Just perfectly cooked egg served open faced.


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                          1. re: bza

                            Going with the Hubby and baby to Hunington Gardens today, and thought I would finally stop by since I have heard so many great things? How is the parking? Is there a place to sit and eat there with a stroller?

                            1. re: Food622

                              Inside is fairly small hole-in-the-wall type place and on a weekend gets crowded. A stroller might be tight fit. But they do have tables outside where a stroller wouldn't be a problem, if you can snag one of them. Street parking within 1/2 block shouldn't be a problem.

                              1. re: burger

                                There is also parking on top of the building. The parking entrance is on the west side of the building off of a 1 way street. I

                                  1. re: Fru

                                    Right Fru - I didn't mention the roof top parking for 2 reasons- 1. Food622 mentioned they were going today (Sat) and street parking close by on the weekend is pretty easy to find . 2. Parking on the roof can be a hassle. I don't think the driveway up to the roof is wide enough for 2 vehicles to pass each other. Also, I once drove up there to find no parking space available and a huge SUV behind me ( I think it was a Canyonero) getting back down under those circumstance is a frustrating time wasting experience and one best avoided, even if the odds are low it will happen.

                                    1. re: burger

                                      Well, Food622, you can be the judge. At least you know you have options. Personally, I've found many times on Saturday to have no street parking and since you can't just go around the block, (Green Street is one way going east), for me it is just easier to park upstairs. You could also avoid the potential parking problem and head over to Julienne in San Marino.

                                      1. re: Fru

                                        We found street parking 1/2 a block down. I tried the egg salad sandwich that everyone has been raving about. The baugette was wonderful, and I liked the tomato spread with the egg salad, but I thought the egg wasn't chopped up enough, and didn't have enough flavor. It needed some kind of kick (a little spice) or some herbs, tarragon, parsely? We also tried the brownie (really fudgy and too many nuts) and the pumkin bar (again lacked taste, nutmeg, allspice?) Just my opinion though.

                                        1. re: Fru

                                          I would disagree with you there, Fru. I drove by Julienne's around 11am on Saturday and there were about 10 cars milling around for a parking place - the whole street was packed - even on the other side of Los Robles.
                                          I usually park on the roof-top lot behind Europane (I eat at PresidenTwo quite often) and have not had a problem - although I usually take my lunch well after 1pm, so there are less people there.

                              2. WildSwede, don't forget to try the bread pudding. It is sublime. They run out quickly though. There is also this 1inch by 1inch chocolate ganache thing that I love.

                                1. I'll be the voice of dissent here. After being led down the primrose path by a review from a certain local critic - he wrote that EuroPane is the best restaurant in Pasadena, which is quite a sad statement about the dining scene in that particular city - I made the pilgrimage to Pasadena to try EuroPane's storied croissants. The first time I visited, they were all sold out. I assumed that was the best endorsement the pastries could possibly have. I consoled myself with a very good pear tart and an even better macadamia nut tart - think of a very light pecan pie made with macadamias. It was unbelievably good. The second time I visited, the croissants were available. I got a regular croissant and a chocolate one. And they were absolutely... average. Sure, they were better than what one would get at Starbucks or the grocery store, but were they the croissant nirvana they've been purported to be? No. Were they worth the journey to Pasadena? No. I think Breadbar makes better, in fact. So were Boule's when it had first opened. EuroPane's were nothing more than very good but very average bakery croissants.

                                  The macadamia tart, on the other hand - that was excellent. And they didn't have it again on my second visit.

                                  What amused me most was hearing what the local Pasadena folks seem to call it. Rather than giving the second half of the name a two-syllable Italian pronunciation as I expected, I heard several folks on cell phones coordinating their breakfasts with friends and family at "EuroPain."

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                                    I'm a local and I say Euro Pane. Oh well, How do you say Los Feliz, Los Robles, La Canada..... For me, the ginger scones are what I crave. I still have to try that egg salad sandwich but I make a pretty mean one of my own.

                                    1. re: Fru

                                      I think what makes the egg salad sandwiches at Euro Pane both different and so good is the quality of the mayo, which is very creamy, and the fact that the eggs, as noted above, are not chopped small; the eggs are also just a little bit soft. Like Fru, I love my own egg salad. It is very different from Euro Pane, though. I usually slide into EP about once a month to get their egg salad. I love it.

                                      1. re: Fru

                                        RodEo Road vs. Rodeo Drive. lol
                                        Thank god for Pasadena and the Eastside. I still roll into Euro Pane now and then even though I still can't stand the people behind the counter. Really enjoy that turkey sandwich.

                                        1. re: slacker

                                          Ro-DE-o vs. RO-de-o - change the pronunciation, and you change the street from Beverly Hills to Baldwin Hills.

                                          After doing a little more viennoiserie research today, I'll put their croissants in perspective: They're not as good as Breadbar's, but they're better than Boule's.

                                          1. re: Woolsey

                                            I went to Euro Pane this past weekend, based largely on the reports I've seen here. I'll confirm that the workers were, indeed, rude and dismissive. One server was seen running around the joint with a tuna salad sandwich, saying "Is this yours? No? Is this yours? Did you order this?"


                                            Factor in the fact that they were out of baguettes -- as well as the fabled chocolate and almond croissants -- coupled with the server immediately telling me it would be a 30-minute wait for my sandwich, and you get the picture.

                                            I won't be back.

                                            1. re: CucumberBoy

                                              Oh well. I've been a regular for many years and never had "...rude and dismissive..." service. Yea, they run out of stuff, sometimes some of my favorites but I always find something that's good! On the occasion that I've gone when they are slammed at peak lunch hour I've had to wait maybe 15 min. for my sandwich and it is always worth the wait!

                                              EuroPane - DUPLICATE
                                              Pasadena, CA, Pasadena, CA

                                              1. re: sel

                                                Over the years I've been to EuroPane maybe forty times. Up until a couple of years ago I have to admit I saw enough examples of rude and incompetent service that I could easily see that some might vow never to return, but for myself I was sufficiently addicted to the ginger scones and rosemary currant bread to give them more chances.

                                                My impression is that the service has improved considerably over the last two years. All the more reason for those who may have been turned off to give them another chance.

                                                Euro Pane Bakery
                                                950 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106

                                                1. re: maxzook

                                                  Was just there this weekend and everything was top notch... especially the Egg Salad Sandwich....



                                                  1. re: Dommy

                                                    I was there this weekend too!!! I have been dying to try EuroPane for ages and finally got to while I was in Pasadena on Saturday for a wedding. I was not disappointed, although I will say that the service was a tiny bit brusque. We loved our sandwiches and quiche, but it was the chocolate cookie, peach pie and canneles that really stole the show. The canneles in particular are the best ones I have ever had.

                                                    1. re: mollyomormon

                                                      I went for lunch yesterday - had the green bean salad and the egg salad sandwich. To go I got a baguette and a few of their rolls. I have always found that the service has been good - the only person I find brusque and dismissive is the owner.

                                                      1. re: WildSwede

                                                        Interesting comment about Sumi "...the owner." Since the mid to late 90's when I started taking my twin lads to EuroPane, especially when they were little, she would always give each of them a treat. Lately, when I go by myself, she always asks about them.
                                                        I have experinced her as serious while running her business which granted may seem "...brusque..." but in all the times that I've gone there, never has she been "...dismissive..." or rude in any manner to either customers or staff.

                                                        EuroPane - DUPLICATE
                                                        Pasadena, CA, Pasadena, CA

                                                        1. re: sel

                                                          She does seem to favor people with children - I noticed this yesterday, in fact. A woman came in with two adorable children and she practically swooned over them.

                                    2. Last week while visiting Pasadena (I live in Arizona now) I stopped in as usual at Euro Pane. It was Saturday morning, and I chose the almond toast (not sure what they actually call it). This was practically the best thing I've ever eaten -- near as I can tell, it's a slice of lovely fresh brioche with an almond filling spreadon top, then topped with crunchy sliced almonds and baked until it's crispy all around. I must try making this at home, since the commute is a bit too far for me to repeat the experience on a regular basis.

                                      1. I just accidentally found this thread, but it has brought me to nostalgic bliss in reminiscence of Europane. I do think that everything at Europane is delicious, so it's just a matter of what you happen to try and then get addicted to. For me, it was the pear spice cake, with large succulent slices of pear embedded in moist spicy cake, infused with a vanilla bean icing. I agree, the quiche with butternut squash and goats cheese is particularly good, and I always had the egg salad sandwich (on brioche). The balance, simplicity, yet attention to detail makes this sandwich exceptional, and I've not found it's equal. Sigh. Does Sumi have a cookbook? I want this pear spice cake with me in Germany!

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                                          No cookbook, I wish that she would write one! She did work at La Brea Bakery before opening EuroPane so I could only suggest checking Nancy Silverton cookbooks........

                                        2. The LA Times posted the recipe for Euro Pane's Lemon Squares. I made them for my office. They liked them better than the New York Time's Chocolate Chip Cookes, and they constantly request them. The link for the squares is here:


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                                          1. re: overresearched

                                            Thanks for that, EuroPane makes my second favorite lemon square!!!
                                            Numero uno is at:
                                            Zinc Cafe & Market
                                            350 Ocean Ave.
                                            Laguna Beach, CA
                                            Phone: (949) 494-6302