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Jun 16, 2011 10:28 AM

Early Sunday Breakfast in Durham, NC (before 9:00am)

Okay, I'd like to have an early breakfast on Sunday before I catch the train at Durham Station. Problem is that I can't think of many places that are open before 9:00am on a Sunday near downtown or southwest Durham. Here are the ones that come to mind for Sunday mornings:

Rick's Diner - opens at 7:30am
Guglhupf Cafe - opens at 9:00am
Elmo's Diner - opens at 6:30am.

According to an old post on Carpe Durham, Azteca Grill opens at 8:00am on the weekends, but I need to verify that.

What else am I missing?

Elmo's Diner
776 9th St, Durham, NC 27705

Rick's Diner
4015 University Dr Ste A2, Durham, NC 27707

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  1. It sounds like you have access to a car or some other transportation (i.e., you are not limited to downtown). In that case, I'd recommend the Fairview, the restaurant in the Washington Duke Inn. It's a fancy restaurant, but its breakfast menu is remarkably moderate in price--for example, the French toast is only $8 and my favorite, the corned beef hash, is $10. It opens at 7:00 every day (including Sunday) for breakfast. On the whole, the breakfast food at Elmo's and Rick's is, like most breakfast food, serviceable but nothing special.

    1. nosh - opens at 8
      mad hatters - opens at 8
      foster's market - opens at 7:30?