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Jun 16, 2011 07:31 AM

CSA pick-up bounty night! what to cook!?

Our first CSA (community sponsored agriculture) pick-up is tonight and we're excited to use our random batch of ingredients to make a creative meal. The fun part of the CSA is that you get a random selections of whatever is fresh and in season which forces you away from the routines of getting the same things at the store

Today's bounty will likely include:
-lime green oakleaf lettuce
-Red Russian kale
- green Swiss chard
-bok choy
- scallions
- garlic scapes
-sweet, white Japanese turnips
- and herb pots (Red Rubin basil and Greek oregano).

Any thoughts on interesting, creative recipes/dishes that utilize a chunk of those ingredients?
we love meat, seafood, fish... well pretty much everything

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  1. I'd try braising the kale and chard with your protein, making a relish with the turnip and scallions, and wrapping it all up with the lettuce.

    A simple stir-fry with a side of salad would use everything, but nothing creative there.

    1. for an asian or Japanese influenced meal, stir or wok fry the chard, bok choy, and scallions, and kale in a soy sauce based sauce maybe with some sesame or peanut oil (and if you have em, shiitakes). toss in some scallops, or tenderized chicken, or serve with a poached egg atop. serve with Japanese turnip tempura.

      you might also use the kale, turnips and herbs for egg cups. lightly roast or steam or boil sliced turnips. layer in muffin cups. top with steamed kale/chard, mixed with some onions or scallions, garlic and basil or oregano. crack an egg on top of each and bake til egg is set to desired doneness.

      use the basil and garlic scapes to make a pesto... i'd suggest walnuts instead of pinenuts. serve over pasta tossed with steamed or sauteed greens (chard, kale), and at the last minute toss in the lettuce and let it wilt slightly. could add in some fish or shrimp as well.

      1. Excellent suggestions! thanks so much! We obviously couldn't use it all in one go so i'll give those things a try.

        We ended up making a roasted pork tenderloin stuffed with broccoli rabe (a welcome addition to the bounty), mushrooms, scallions, and garlic with a side of cold sesame noodles with scape, turnip, bokchoy, and scallions.

        But both the turnip/scallion relish/ lettuce wrap and the egg cups sound like fun recipes to try with the rest! Maybe brunch tomorrow!

        1. I have similar bounty! I used the more bitter greens and sautéed them and tossed with pasta, goat cheese and roasted beets. I used spinach and arugula for a stuffed flank steak (silver palate cookbook). And I used the scallions with ground beef and lettuce for a thai lettuce wrap thing, even though it was more of a meat on top of lettuce thing since small leaves.

          1. If I had that going for me, I'd buy some sliced beef, mussels, oysters, fish balls and go to town with a Chinese Hot Pot.