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Jun 16, 2011 04:19 AM

Date night in Montco

My husband and I are having a rare date night this Saturday and I am looking for a great spot within 20 minutes of the Blue Bell area. Looking for a grown up spot that is not normally kid-friendly... somewhere we could never dream of taking our toddler :) I tried to make reservations for Mica but they are booked during the time we have a babysitter. Any suggestions?

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  1. Did you try Blackfish as well? Same owner as Mica. My brother always seems to get into Blackfish with no problems.

    1. Thats an interesting question.. both to find something in that dining radius, and a place that you have not been before.

      A few places come to mind: La Trinacria on 202. Elegant Italian
      Honey in Doylestown (not sure if thats really in your 20 minute radius). But they are doing some of the most adventurous food around. Take a look at their website. Even if you cannot do it this time, its worth considering as a special occasion restaurant.
      Radice in Blue Bell
      Either Blue Fin or Ooka in Montgomeryville if Japanese is your cup of tea.

      Joseph Ambler Inn perhaps? Very nice wine list. Food is a bit staid.

      Brasserie 73 in Skippack? French inspired food.

      Just random thoughts... let us know where you end up.

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        San Marco over Radice anytime. Parc Bistro - a nice table outside on the patio? Same at 19 Bella.

      2. I'm guessing you've been to Cantina Feliz already? If not, go there.

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        1. re: Buckethead

          I was just about to suggest the same. Although that place is definitely kid friendly. Maybe go on the later side?

          Or try Bocelli for something definitely cozier and more grown-up. It's in Lower Gwynnedd, definitely within your criteria.

          1. re: potroastcat

            I'll second Bocelli, as well as 19 Bella.

        2. Since hounds are mentioning Doylestown my friend and I took a stroll down state street last night and the area between Doylestown Inn and Mesquite is alive with restaurants new and old. Lots of people were enjoying their meals outdoors.I felt happy vibes. Might be fun to eat at one of those places al fresco if the rain holds off. I guess I will ask my fellow hounds which of those places on lower state street is the pick of the bunch?

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          1. re: givemecarbs

            Carbs... THe restaurants you saw there were:

            1. Paganini .. on the corner with a little courtyard. Very mediocre italian food. Has been around forever. If you want to sit outside.. that is about the only reason to go there.

            2. Across the street Knights House- upscale continental, with an asian menu as well. 86 West and Knights House now share a kitchen. Great venue to eat outdoors. I like the bar for drinks. The food used to be much better.

            3. 86 West- Small plates twin to the Knights House- Great seating outdoors. Sushi is mediocre. Not a fan.

            4. Penns Taproom- This is the newest of the bunch. It is in the old Black Walnut space which was the french/thai fusion restaurant. Penns Taproom has remodelled the space, blowing out the front wall to make a nice open window, I love how it looks. Food is basic bar food. They have a nice garden to eat in. Craft beer selection ok.

            5. Domani Star- BYO Italian. Its another place that has been around forever. Basic italian food, cooked well. Attentive service. I find the tables close together and have had issues with the place over the years. They recently have started serving brunch, which I hear is quite good.

            Honorable mention to Paganini's Wine Bar, which serves light snacks and ice cream in addition to a nice wine by the glass selection. Mesquite Grill is fun up on the patio roof. Dynamite wings, and decent craft beer selection.

            That concludes the lower State Street tour. In my opinion the best thing about ANY of the restaurants is the al fresco dining. If you want good food in Doylestown, Honey and Slate Bleu are the best of the bunch. Some people like Bobby Simones. The thai restaurant next to the County Theatre is good.

            Up Main street you can also dine outside at Chambers, and M.O.M's (the reconstituted Maxwells.. bit of a creole theme now.. ) Cafe Allessio across the street has about five tables outdoors as well. One other place to consider is Vine and Fig bistro which does have a garden where you can have dinner. Puck, a bar/music venue also has al fresco dining and music in their courtyard.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Thanks for the tour cwdonald. The weather has been so fine that almost anything would taste good al fresco. My friend and I weren't really dressed to eat out so we had some popcorn from the movie theater and three soft pretzels from the place inside Doylestown Inn and an ice tea from the hoagie place. We sat on my favorite bench (the one by the water fountains near Madame Butterfly) and watched the world go by. Now that the june bugs have finally arrived the evenings are truly enchanted.

          2. AG -

            I am always a Bocelli's fan!

            If you are into sushi, even though I will always love Bluefin - a new favorite is Kumo in English Village Shopping center. Its a BYOB - very inventive sushi and cooked entrees as well. I would would not consider it KID friendly - although one family did bring their little darling while I was there one night and he did sling his chopsticks at me!