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Jun 16, 2011 04:01 AM

How is your ideal iced coffee made? (Frappucino, Ice latte etc.)

I´m from Norway, where we drink more coffee per citizen than anyone else in the world. Our coffee culture is the elite, and now I´m curious about the more american concept of ice coffee.

They serve it here, but it is not popular, and not a cultural phenomenon like Starbucks´ frappucinos in the US.

I´ve made it a few times now, with my homemade caramel syrup, but I just don´t think it tastes good enough. Am I doing something wrong? How do you make your ideal iced coffee?

I´ve found that I need far less milk than what many frappucino recipes on the internet will have me use. Or else I end up with a bucket full of coffee, when all I want is a standard latte-glass.

I put 6-7 icecubes in the blender, together with 30ml. of homemade cinnamon syrup, and a double shot of espresso. Then I pour it into the glass, and top it with whipped cream.

Last time I actually omitted the milk completely from the recipe, because it easily becomes so much more to drink if you add milk. And I wanted the texture of it to be like slush. Like a real cold milkshake. Not watery.

I also think it gives it a cleaner taste, to just mix the coffee with ice and swetener, so the whipped cream can shine more through the drink. While having it on top of the drink, you are automatically mixing the waterbased coffee, with a milkproduct in your mouth. And that makes sense foodwise - to have each element shine more, and have a clear role in the dish.

I want to restrain from too much sweetener, but please, tell me how you prefer it anyway. I usually use a blender, but do some of you, for instance - make your ice coffee without blending anything at all? I could certainly see that work as well.

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  1. If I feel like spending some time, I like to make a shot or two of espresso, add sugar and cream (maybe a quarter or half the volume of the espresso) and put it in the ice cream maker. It takes probably 10 or 15 minutes to get to a nice slushy consistency. If I were going to make it with no cream, I think I'd cool down the coffee with an ice cube before I put it in the ice cream maker.

    1. I usually like unblended iced coffee. Basically, straight strong coffee cooled and poured over ice. At home I make cold brew (steep the grounds in room temp water overnight). At the cafe I get espresso over ice. If I want sweet I like iced coffee with a tablespoon or two of sweetened condensed milk stirred in.

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        We spend time in Rio and I suffer from the heat. Last time there I switched to making iced coffee. We use the Toddy system which makes it quite easy. A glass of ice, a shot of coffee, some cream, a little sugar and fill up with water. It was nice not to raise my body temp first thing in the morning.

      2. Fill glass with some ice and small amount of cold water. Pour in 2 shots of espresso. Add more water or ice if needed. Yummy! Now that the weather is warming up we're having iced coffee more than our normal americanos.

        1. I drink cold brew all summer long. I don't have the exact recipe I use in front of me, roughly 1 cup course ground to 4 cups water. Combine and let sit overnight. Strain several times before serving over ice.

          Not a fan of sugar or milk, so I don't add either.

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            Oh yes, I forgot about cold brew. I like to make the cold brew concentrate and then dilute some over ice in the summer. I got the recipe online, so a google search will certainly turn up a lot of options. (don't remember mine)

            Did not like the cold brew concentrate diluted with hot water though.

            1. re: DMW

              yeah, I saw the hot water dilution when I was looking for cold brew recipes. Sounds about as appealing as my nana's day old microwaved coffee.

              Have you tried aeropress coffee over ice? I may try that for work place iced coffee.

          2. I fill a glass 3/4 full of ice. I pour in coffee nearly to the top, add 2 teaspoons sugar and some half & half, then drink it with a straw. Simple and delicious.