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Jun 15, 2011 10:58 PM

Father's Day- What's on the menu?

My dad has requested osso buco. The weather has been strange so I get this request. I made the meat stock tonight to make the osso buco and the risotto Milanese (chicken, turkey legs and wings and beef shanks plus onions, carrots, celery herbs etc.) but it is June and am having problems with a seasonal appetizer and dessert to go with this meal. Asparagus and Parmesan sformato maybe, chilled pea soup or a fennel strawberry salad (chow sent a nice sounding one the other day).

Dessert: I am clueless as it is never a priority to me but it is the part of the meal my mother most enjoys anymore and forms the bulk of her caloric intake. Cherries aren't yet in season so cherry claufouti isn't really a great idea. Rhubarb is in season but my dad is borderline diabetic and lots of sugar is usually needed to make rhubarb tasty. Any thoughts as to appetizer or dessert?

What are you doing for your dad if you are so lucky to still have him. I am old enough to know that this may be the last time I make a Father's Day meal for him and I want it to be as good as possible. My dad is American born but both of his parents are from Piemonte, Italy. He likes pure clean flavors but my osso buco includes capers, olives and gremolata which he really likes. I suspect a large part of the appeal is actually the home made stock but he thinks the olives and capers are the turning point.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. No Love for Father's Day? The osso buco is made and it tastes great. I chilled it overnight so as to scrape off fat but there wasn't any. When I make osso buco with beef shanks I get plenty of fat so this is weird. I made a version of the shaved fennel and strawberry salad with balsamic and champagne vinaigrette and it was wonderful.. My SO wants home made noodles instead of risotto with his veal shanks. The dessert still confuses me. My dad says "I don't want any" but my mother ONLY wants it. Hmmm. Is there a chocolate lemon curd thingy? I've got tons of valhrona chocolate and lemons and limes plus stuff to make tartes and pies and whatever.


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      I have Father's Day love...and your osso bucco sounds great. Unfortunately, here in Florida we've been having 90 plus summer days... I wanted to do a baked ziti or lasagne for my sweetie, but we may have to stick with smoking a pork butt because of the heat (which lets me off the hook because he likes to run the smoker). I'll probably do a grilled red potato salad, something green and a banana pudding.

    2. I suggested Hainan chicken rice but he said he'd rather have grilled steaks and to bring a bottle along. I am going to braise a pig's food so that I can serve him the traditional dish with somen.

      1. I love your menu Kate. And I thought this about my Dad too last year, it was very emotional wrapping the present and planning what he might like (does anything ever seem like enough?) but he is fantastic and fit as a fiddle this year and we're looking forward to a grand Father's Day. I wish the same for you, and enjoy the day.

        So, dessert. What about 2: a bittersweet chocolate tart with whipped cream (looking at Joy of Cooking recipe and there is no sugar in it), and a lemon mousse topped with berries?

        For our Dad, a friend (and Chowhound, as it happens) mentioned a burger bash that she's planning; I was discussing with my sisters and they loved the idea for Father's Day. So we're each making a different burger and grilling them up at my parents, and will cut in halves or quarters. We'll also have a salad and, if it's not too much, fries with truffle aoili. The fries we may have to save for another time. But I'll have them ready to go, sliced and soaking in water with aioli premade, in case we deem it a good idea to pull out the fryer.

        1. I'm getting pork steaks on the grill. Of course, I'm doing the grilling, but it's the thought that counts, right? Wait....