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Jun 15, 2011 08:20 PM

any good lunch spots within walking distance of victoria park/danforth?

sometimes i have to work around the victoria park/danforth area. i often just end up going to the nearby metro supermarket and eating from the meal counter there (not too exciting). are there any decent lunch spots in the area that are veg friendly?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It might be a bit further out than you'd like, but on Main St., just south of Danforth is a great little deli called Grumbels. LOVE their Schnitzel sandwiches. As for Veg, they make a wicked potato salad. There's also a decent falafel place on the north east corner.

      290 Main St, Toronto, ON M4C, CA

      1. If you are looking for sit down what about Bistro Camino?

        Bistro Camino
        2750 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

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        1. re: Otonabee

          Danforth Roti for Carribean - try the Ital Roti. Definately Bistro Camino. Sultan at main for Falafel.

          Bistro Camino
          2750 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

          Danforth Roti Shop
          2844 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1M1, CA

          1. re: mariecollins

            what is the ital roti? a mix of vegetables?

            i recently tried their doubles.. so good!

            1. re: helenhelen

              Yes, exactly. I'm not vegetarian but I find meat rotis a little heavy. I think they have squash, spinach, long bean, chana and potatoes in them. maybe eggplant too.

              1. re: mariecollins

                that sounds great. i might try it soon. i've always only had 2 items in mine (i think i have tried the eggplant, squash, and beans)

        2. i am working in this area regularly now... so i am re-opening this thread!

          i like danforth roti.
          i walked by bistro camino and looked at the menu but nothing really vegetarian friendly for me there, unfortunately.
          today i had the $5.99 sushi bar lunch special at double sushi (12 pcs of rolls of choice + miso soup + salad).. a really good deal!
          a coworker who lives in the neighbourhood told me that he likes hakka chopsticks and an afghani place in the other direction (towards danforth rd, further east). another friend told me there is a good bengali restaurant on the north side of the street, but not sure of the name. will have to try all these places out.

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          1. re: helenhelen

            I'm 99% sure that Bistro Camino will whip up a vegetarian meal upon request though, granted, you'd fare better were you pescatarian. I'm 100% sure you'll enjoy whatever you eat there.

            1. re: helenhelen

              Gharoa Restaurant - 2994 DANFORTH AVE - is a Banglasdeshi place mentioned by the NY chowhound guy on his Toronto visit - I've never been, as my husband is not so adventurous. Please try it and report back.

              Anando, on the south side has some good reviews. I went once but cannot remember what I ate.

              1. re: mariecollins

                will do! my plan is to try all the bengali places eventually. i counted about 4 between dawes road and victoria park. i tried one recently (on the north side of the street) but i forget the name. it said "bengali, indian and pakistani food" outside. it was quite tasty but very spicy so beware of that! i got a $4.99 plate of naan, egg curry, and a little lettuce salad.

                i should mention i went during ramadan.. so the food may or may not have been the freshest since many of their regular clientele are likely fasting. my dish came from somewhere in the back though and tasted pretty fresh. they had some items in a glass cafeteria style case at the front. they were setting up for what looked to be a feast for later, which i suspect was probably a special iftar (breaking of the fast) meal..

            2. I was at Bistro Camino with a veggie vegan friend . They have a veggie menu that they don't give out unless asked.. Her main was a corn pasta which she said was delicious.

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              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                ooh, thank you for the info. i will go in and ask them about it!