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Jun 15, 2011 07:54 PM

Goat meat, city of Detroit

Does anyone know of a restaurant in Detroit serving goat in any form? There's a taco place called El Cabrito, but that's not a sure indication, and I've never been there. I can call 'em but thought I'd ask.

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  1. Aladdin in Hamtramck has 5-10 different goat dishes. Some of the other Bangladeshi restaurants there should also be serving goat I suspect.

    1. Haandi Indian Restaurant
      37116 6 Mile Road
      Livonia, MI
      (734) 432-2088

      1. El barzon has an excellent goat dish. Braised goat shank. It's awesome.


        1. Dos Hermanos in Ypsi sometimes does goat ( chivo) on the weekends. A couple of Korean places in Ann Arbor do a goat stew.