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Jun 15, 2011 06:17 PM

Win's Seafood Chinese Restaurant (16th Avenue just west of Warden) - Anyone been??!

Drove past a plaza located on 16th Avenue just west of Warden this evening. Noticed a 'new' restaurant by the name of ' Win's Seafood Chinese Restauarnt' ( aka 'Cheuk Tung Tin' in Cantonese'). The car park was packed and people was actually waiting outside of the restaurant!! A great sign!!
Question: Any fellow chowhounder been yet? How was the food?

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  1. The chef used to be in the Chinese resto in Sheraton Hotel on Hwy 7. His favorite dishes include crab in rum sauce, 'hand made' fish ball noodle soup, steamed eel in black bean sauce w/ tangerine skin.
    For Win's, the food was good but not the service.

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      Also ex-chef of Ngau Kee in FMP and 'Yu Lok Heen' at Steeles & Brimley.

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        Thanks ace123!!

        Just talked with a foodie friend yesterday about how pretty good the food/seafood at ' Yu Lok Heen' is. She told me the chef at YLH was the ex-Ngau Kee chef! If according to your info this chef is now at Win's, then, who's the chef thats doing such a great job at YLH??? Is this Ngau Kee chef working two places??! His pricing at the Sheraton location was very expensive then, is it the same at Win's?! If he is working two places, guess I have to try out the place when he is there manning the kitchen!

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          Hey ace123, where exactly is Yu Lok Heen? is there an english name?

          there isn't a whole lot near that corner?

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            Ex-Ngau Kee chef is no longer at YLH.

            I don't know who's the chef there now.

            Price at Win's is about the same as Ngau Kee.

            FYI: The chef at Lai Wah Heen is now working at Brilliant.


            YLH is at Steeles & Ashcott (1 block w of Brimley).

            Lai Wah Heen
            108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

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              Thanks again ace123 for the inside scoop!

              Brilliant's chef is ex-LWH!!! No wonder Brilliant's dinner has been so good and so consistent!!

              If Ngau Kee chef is now head honcho of Win's then I guess during my visit there I should just focus on seafood and nothing else?!! I once had a roasted pigeon at Ngau Kee that costed around $20 but was so bad and 'dry' that I actually complained!!

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                No wonder Lai Wah Heen not tasting the same.

                Lai Wah Heen
                108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

                1. re: smfan

                  Noticing LWH's Toronto Life rating dropping from a 3.5* to the present 2* within just a few short months, I was wondering the same thing as well!! Now, I guess we all know!!

                  ining in TO is so like walking through land mines!! Pity, for self interest purposes, restaurants only advertise the addition of ' good-famous' chef to their team but never notify the public of their departures! Worst or best example (depending on how one looks at it ) was Celestine! I dined there a few years ago thinking it was still a 3.5* restaurant with Pascal at the helm. Unfortunately, the restaurant retained the name BUT NOT the chef when I was there. And the food was like night vs day!!

                  1. re: plug

                    YLH is pretty good. Heavy focus on seafood menu. We used to go a lot 6 months ago. Set dinners with lobster, fish, crab. Always very busy.
                    We stopped going because it was so crowded and the seating is quite uncomfortable.
                    Has anyone gone recently? Do they still do the seafood set dinners for 2, 4, 6, etc with clams, crab, lobster and fish. Not cheap but still pretty good value for money.

                    Lately we've been going to Casa Imperial for dinner. Not as busy as Casa Victoria. Business must be slow. Now everyone gets 'quality' free dessert. Usually individual almond paste soup, small slice of mango pudding and mango 'sweet rice ball' roll. And service is excellent. Very good value for money.

                    Casa Imperial
                    4125 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1W 3T4, CA

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              Which would you choose...Win's or YLH? How does Win's prices compare to YLH? Thinking of trying Win's but it just a bit further and don't want to go the extra distance if I don't have to.


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                Judging by the placemat....


                A big mishmosh of dishes, the crab you mentioned, in house fish ball noodle soup, northern beef hand pulled noodles, peking duck, chiu chow fish congee, the tangerine peel eel, malaysian curry. Kinda all over the place?

                Ngau kee was kinda like that though for a bit. Never been to yu lok heen.

                I wanna go, I miss living in that area at times. I do not miss all the driving.

                1. re: aser

                  Well I went, and had a bunch of great dishes, highlight was an almond pork lung soup, which requires an advanced order. Supremely creamy pork lung. Although traditionalist might say the soup had too much almond and pork bone, rather than just letting the pork lung carry it. I enjoyed it a lot. One of the best things I've eaten all year.

                  There are dishes with a western slant to it, the rum crab is very rich, filled with 35% cream and butter. The lamb chops were cooked to perfection even though they were cut into single chops. Very difficult to do w/ such a thin piece, props for that.

                  Also had shrimp toast and a fried bitter melon dish.

                  I talked to him and can confirm he was the ex-chef at Ngau Kee, Win Gor is a nice friendly guy, went around a bunch of tables to chat with folks.

                  I found service to be quite good. Plates were changed multiple times for the crab, and nice glasses were provided for the bottle of Barolo we brought in. Quite a few tables had brought in their own wine and almost every table ordered typhoon shelter lobster.

              2. So the Chef at Brilliant is 馬昌. Now I have to trek all the way up to Markham. Should I avoid LTH as well?

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                  it looks like the Lam and Ma are still there according to the website but Ma is just a consultant now?


                2. This is like keeping track of stock markets!

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                  1. re: shekamoo

                    Chef Tam is now in Brilliant, not Ma or Lam.

                    1. re: smfan

                      Chef Lam is LWH's current ' Head restaurant chef'. Don't know who chef Tam is though??!!

                      1. re: skylineR33

                        Chef Ken Tam used to be the executive chef at LWH. He's been in Brilliant for over 1 month now.

                        1. re: Charles Yu

                          chef tam is the former executive chef at LWH
                          Ken Tam
                          look at the acknowledgements