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Jun 15, 2011 05:09 PM

expired butter

I have butter that expired in April. Afraid to use for Fathers Day desserts. Will it be okay?

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  1. Does it smell funny or okay? If it doesn't smell bad, I'd probably use it. Was it refrigerated or in the freezer? If the former, it may have picked up some funkier odors from other dishes, which could be a problem in a dessert.

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      1. re: lulou23

        Off odors are probably the biggest problem, not safety (unless it smells awful).

    1. smell taste feel

      I'd not use it for dessert. butters cheap enough, why take a chance in ruining the last thing your guests/diners taste? buy new

      1. Butter has an expiry date? Really? Wow.
        I think it's time to check my butter. :)