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Jun 15, 2011 04:57 PM

Annual Guys Vegas Trip

It's that time again! Looking for a unique place to hang out and have a steak and some foie gras! We've tried Eiffel Tower, Stratosphere Top of the World, Delmonicos, Charlie Palmers and probably a few more I have forgotten. Anyone have some suggestions for a steakhouse kinda place for 4 dudes to hang out and have a great meal (steak and foie gras and a martini or two)that is a little out of the ordinary? Budget of $100 pp. Can be on or off the strip as we will have a rental car. We're kicking around Cut or Nine or possibly the Golden Steer.........any suggestions? Thanks!

Eiffel Tower Restaurant
3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. I made sure we did CraftSteak this past Feb. due to their incredible scotch list (husband's favorite bev). If you have a preponderance of single-malt fans they might enjoy the scotch flights and the unbelievable selection.

    Steak (they had a Wagyu chef's menu), service, cocktails, ambiance, sides, all a delight. Not the favorite steakhouse in Vegas apparently but it was nice to indulge in our interest. Also, wouldn't drive after a few scotches (taxi!).

    1. Until you named the three possibilities at the end, for some reason Golden Steer popped into my mind. The steak itself probably won't be as good at GS as at Cut, but if by "special" you include the atmosphere, your friends might enjoy a little taste of old Las Vegas.

      Golden Steer
      308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

      1. Went to Mario Batali's steakplace in March, Carnevino. Like all of his places, it was good, not great, and very expensive.

        1. I think you will have a difficult time staying ~$100/pp at the first two places you mentioned(or any top-flight steakhouse in town considering the alcohol intake). Perhaps with one side and no apps/salads, assuming two cocktails. Cut is expensive, there is no way around it. I have a hard time getting out of there for under 200/pp inc. tax+tip. Avg steak $55, apps/salads $20, sides $12+, drinks $15. You may want to consult the respective menus as well, I don't recall Cut offering foie (not to say they don't).

          A word about GS. I used to love the place for reasons Dave mentioned, cool, old-school vibe with food that was at least decent. But, and isn't there always, some friends and I went to dinner recently and would not return. Could have been a one-off, steaks were not good (being generous). We live here, so no big deal for us-just a bad meal. But if I was coming into town with limited nights for dinner, there is no way I would go there. Not sure what you mean out of the ordinary. I'd go to Cut, Carnevino, or Nine. Also depends on your preference dry v. wet aged.

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          1. re: palmdoc1

            Thanks for the input . How about some of the off strip places like at the Green Valley Ranch or Red Rock? Any other suggestions?
            By Out of the Ordinary I just meant something besides the chains or the way overpriced strip restaurants that are appear to be indistinguishable.
            We did go to Binions Steakhouse last trip for some nostalgia and old school vibe but the food was not very good.

            Red Rock Bar
            1729 E Charleston Blvd Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89104

            1. re: bribark

              I prefer Hanks to TBones, though I do not particularly care for either. In addition, you will enjoy only a negligble difference in price (maybe 5-12%) compared with their strip cousins. Your Binions experience is useful as a general LV maxim. Even in this economy, for steakhouses at least, there are few deals to be had (assuming you want to maintain a certain level of food quality). Obviously, CP's cut of the week is a great deal/solid food, but there just aren't many places like that sadly. "overpriced strip restaurants that are appear to be indistinguishable," not entirely true. Keep in mind, the places mentioned are expensive, but also have some of the best-sourced beef, best aging programs in the US. Again, if it was my friends and I, I'd tell everyone to play one less hand of BJ, or take less odds on one point, and go somewhere good. IMO, its worth it considering extra $ v. food quality.

          2. Canal Street at the Orleans is very good. They even have a three course wine pairing meal.