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Jun 15, 2011 03:37 PM

Edmonton Casual eats and drinks near the Westin and Crowne Plaza hotel

My colleagues and I are downtown Edmonton (from Toronto) for a conference for the next few days, and I need a few good spots to hit up for inexpensive, casual dinners and drinks that are close to the Westin and Crowne plaza hotels (which is where we are all staying). We are foodies, so any type of food is good.. might be good to get a few options so I can give them all a choice. But in terms of price, probably looking at under $20 for a dinner main, clean atmosphere, maybe something kind of funky, where I can also get an interesting cocktail, or at least a cocktail near by. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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  1. Within walking distance:
    The Hat (burgers, could get a cocktail here too): Jasper Ave. at 103rd St.
    Moriarty's Bistro and Wine Bar (cocktails, also food if you get a couple of small plates or a salad or a sandwich or something, the main "entrees" are over $20)
    Lit Wine Bar (drinks, also some Italian food choices for less than $20): 104th St.
    Blue Plate Diner (eclectic menu, find it online): 104th St.
    Tzin (wine bar and tapas): 104th St.
    100 Bar and Grill (cocktails, I think the food here is over $20) 100th St. just north of Jasper
    Library Bar at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald (cocktails): SE corner of Jasper and 100th St.
    Khazana (Indian): 107th St. just south of 102nd Ave.

    Short bus or cab ride or drive, or a walk up to 25 min each way:
    Bua Thai (Thai): 113rd St. just south of Jasper
    Sicilian Pasta Kitchen: corner of Jasper and 113rd St.
    Famoso (Neapolitan-style thin crust pizza): Jasper Ave. at 118th St.
    La Shish (Lebanese): Jasper Ave. at 118th St.
    Suede Lounge (for cocktails): Jasper Ave. at 118th St.

    I have been to all of the above except Tzin and Khazana. I find some of those spots "good" or better, and some of the spots just average. But I listed them all to give you a variety of choices.

    You said preferably close to your hotels, but if you're willing/able to get a little further you will open up your choices quite a bit. For example, there are lots of options along 109th St. just south of the High Level Bridge, or in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood along Whyte Ave. Those areas would literally be a 5-7 minute cab ride or drive.

    Hope that helps!

    Blue Plate Diner
    10145 - 104 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9, CA

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      Yes, it does. Thank you for the quick reply.

      With Tzin.. their website isnt working.. how much approx would you say their wines by the glass and their tapa plates are?

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        If you want Indian I would suggest going to Haweli over Khazana and ordering off the menu. I personally like the food there a little better.