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Jun 15, 2011 03:00 PM

Dinner in Mendocino?

We will be driving in from northern Sonoma County for just one night in Mendocino before heading on up to the OR coast. We will have been wine tasting all day and probably in the mood for something casual but tasty that evening. Open to anything--from what I gather, sounds like the restaurants are touristy and not so good--so we are up for pizza or burgers or something nicer. Please help point us in the right direction! Thanks!

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  1. Little River Inn, dining room or bar. Whatever sounds best. Sit at the bar with a lighter fare and have a great view. Or, if you want a full dinner in a very nice room, try their dining room.

    Little River Inn
    7901 N Highway 1, Mendocino, CA

    1. We stayed in Mendocino (Albion River Inn) for several days last summer (also after being in Northern Sonoma and Anderson Valley). At least when we were there, the restaurant at the Inn had more locals than tourists. We enjoyed the food and the views. If you've had enough wine, they have a great tasting menu of single malt Scotch! Cheers!

      River Inn
      1710 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130