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Jun 15, 2011 01:31 PM

Restaurant in Cincinnati (near West Chester) with dairy-free and healthy options?

Visiting some family in West Chester, OH and have several dietary restrictions in our group. Need a place with healthy options that would also have dairy-free options as well. Would love to find a place that only serves organic, but any restaurant suggestions would be appreciated.

Cuisine-wise, we're open. I've considered sushi as a good option, though — coming from Los Angeles — there's the question of how fresh the fish is. Read good things about "Fusian" (downtown) on Yelp, but would love to know if there's some place closer to where we're staying.

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  1. I live in Mason, which is just East of West Chester. If you're interested in sushi and don't want to venture (too) far, I really recommend Kyoto off of Montgomery Road (between Mason and Loveland). It's one of my favorites and the sushi is definitely fresh and rivals much of what I've had out on the coasts. It's a relatively casual place (it's in a strip mall, actually), but the staff is great and we've never had a bad experience or meal there.

    If organic or locally-sourced ingredients is what you're after, you might want to check out Wildflower Cafe in downtown Mason. It's in an old house, has a great (but casual) feel, and the food is excellent and the chef is creative. The menu seems to rotate but there's a mix of soups, salads, sandwiches, and entrees, so there's probably something that will please everyone.