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Jun 15, 2011 01:12 PM

Shake Shack - Nationals Park

Has anyone tried the shake shack at the stadium yet? How does it compare to the dupont location?

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  1. Its a chain burger spot I don't there will be to much difference

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      Except for price, and maybe freshness. What more couldn't you want? ;)

    2. I went on Tuesday night. Line was long... but only took about 15 minutes to get through. They offer a limited menu, instead of the full menu that the Dupont location has. I thought the food was good (Shackburger and cheese fries) but could tell it had been sitting out for a little bit. The Dupont location is made to order... the Stadium location had lots of burgers already made under heat lamps. Still good though.

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        I went last night, my first visit to a Shake Shack. I though the burger was really good. They were 'ready' when I ordered, but it tasted very fresh - probably b/c the line was long and they were moving through them quickly. The burger was cooked to a very nice medium, which I think is impressive, especially in a ballpark setting. Ended up getting fries from the Begian fries place a few stands down. They were just ok - would probably try Shake Shack fries in the future. Although the most satisfying part of the evening was watching the Nats obliterate the Cards - 10 to 0!!!

      2. Do they have an ice-cream-only line there?

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        1. re: woodleyparkhound

          No ice-cream only line. I think they had 3 milkshake flavors (vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter) and one concrete flavor.

        2. Totally amazing, especially for a ballpark. The food was hot, the fries crisp and the concrete was nicely prepared. They seem to have a really talented staff, they were very knowledgable about the menu. They do have a more limited menu than the other Shake Shack.

          1. Minnesota hound here -- I was at the game last Wed...didn't take in Shake Shack (had a good burger at Good Stuff Eatery the evening before), but I will say this: Don't bother with Box Frites. A food place entirely focused on french fries should not be using low-grade frozen fries. Even places like One Potato Two at malls around the country blow Box Frites away. Pathetic.

            I also stood in line for a half inning to try the wings at Blue Smoke only to find they were out. It was only the 5th inning for crying out loud. The ribs weren't bad -- 2 small bones and 2 large. Nothing too exciting but better than average for ballpark food.. I asked for extra sauce to salvage the was probably the best thing I had at the game.

            Sorry I don't have anything to add re: Shake Shack.

            Good Stuff Eatery
            303 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC